30 Rock’s Star In Nuovo Roma: The Blunder-Filled World of Weigel

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NBC is now all palsy-walsy with Neo-Catholic hipster (and banjo virtuoso) George “Declaring Christ the King is Unconstitutional!” Weigel. Indeed, what WOULD John Adams have said about that? Why, let’s ask George!

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Since the Peacock Network awarded Weigel its Strange New Respect trophy (and, no doubt, several of its cuter make-up artistes for his Big Moment on national TV) and made him a consultant for the upcoming, unprecedented, un-vetted and stupifyingly unconventional attempt by a miserablist Argentine Jebbie to defy precedent, Tradition and all common sense next Sunday, EEEEW!TN’s crack “news anchors” (read: Download and quote L’OR and CNS verbatim while smiling like a cherub) have been chasing the poor intellectualoid around the Eternal City the way London’s miniskirted birds mobbed John, Paul, George and Ringo in the opening scene of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Tom Monaghan, Teresa Tomeo, George Weigel, Steve Ray

One lucky lady, Teresa Tomeo, finally caught the elusive, cerebral JPII biographer, tonight, on EEEEW!TN’s crystal radio network. After placing the hamster inside the wheel that powers the broadcast enterprise, Teresa asked Weigel if the “sex scandals” (about which ol’ Santo Subito did zilch, except to exfiltrate Bernie Law to Rome and pay him 75 grand a year to run a basilica) would come up in media coverage this weekend.

With that patentable sarcasm and tut-tutting that made Prince George famous, he managed to pshaw! and multisyllabicize his way around the issue, decrying media blindness (which is buying his vino and pasta, this week, one presumes) to the fact that this is all just more bigotry from hypocrites who ought to be looking at the bigger picture… there is sex abuse in the world, too, and who’s covering THAT?


This weekend may be one for the record books. At least, the pizza makers will be able to take a few days off. There’s already so much “spin” in the air, they won’t have to exert themselves as much as usual.

Mangia! Mangia!

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2 comments on “30 Rock’s Star In Nuovo Roma: The Blunder-Filled World of Weigel

  1. All of this makes me very sad, to have such evil phonies being “canonized” by an even more evil phony on a phony feast day derived from the scribblings of a phony “saint”. Maybe I’ll just find somewhere to hole up until it blows over, which will be in no later than Monday morning.

    May his reign be short.

  2. I agree !!!!! I just want to ” call in sick ” on Sunday. This Divine Mercy and canonization fiasco is just horrible . No where to hide !!!!

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