Louie Verrecchio: The Apparent Death of the Catholic Church


FROM CONFLICT TO COMMUNION: Lutheran-Catholic Common – Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017 vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/chrstuni/lutheran-fed-docs/rc_pc_chrstuni_doc_2013_dal-conflitto-alla-comunione_en.html

Vatican Surrenders to Luther, by Christopher Ferrara at The Remnant www.harvestingthefruit.com/the-apparent-death-of-the-catholic-church/remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/fetzen-fliegen/item/505-vatican-surrenders-to-luther-a-neo-catholicism-update

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4 comments on “Louie Verrecchio: The Apparent Death of the Catholic Church

  1. EPITATH: Stultitia reparari non potest.

    ADVICE: Pray for the “canonizations” to blow up and for a Catholic pope.

  2. For the Vatican to “rehabilitate” one of the biggest heretics (and his heretical teachings and his past and present followers) in the history of Christendom goes beyond asinine, it’s diabolical!!! First it was kissing the a***s of the talmudists by saying they worship the same “god” as Catholics do, that there’s no need for them to convert to Catholicism, and by changing the Good Friday prayer from seeking their conversion to the true God to a bunch of words that mean nothing, then it was having religious love fests with heretics and pagans at Assisi, then it was “canonizing” modernist popes, then it was “who am I to judge”? the sodomites and perverts, while demonizing traditional Catholics, and now it’s praising a despicable heretic who caused the death of millions of souls for the last five-hundred years. That is the state of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church folks, and it is truly diabolical!!! And sadly, barring Heavenly intervention it will be this way IMO long after we are gone.

  3. Maybe not, St. Francis. Hang in there….

    Somewhere in Ireland, or France or perhaps Italy, a devout, dark-eyed beauty with uncommon sense is about to catch the eye of a brilliant, handsome young prince of similar spiritual rectitude and ecclesial sensibilities. They shall merrily wed and build a fortress with its own Baroque chapel to which all kith, kin and neighbors will repair for Latin Masses daily. And they shall bear a son of enormous prospect, great humor, a loathing of all that is false and impious and who shall, in his eleventh year, come across archived editions of Catholic Family News, La Chiesa Viva and the work of l’Abbe deNantes.

    That spark will ignite a brilliant blaze in the skies over Europe and the Americas, foretelling that, at last, a future Catholic pope is on his way.

    Years later, ordained and consecrated bishop on the same day by spiritual sons of Archbishops Athanasius Schneider and Burke, in the Cathedral at Chartres, he will then be removed from Bretagne, France, where he completed his theological and philosophical studies under the tutelage of devout, intellectually gifted sons of Fr. Garrigou-LeGrange, and sail off aboard an Amethyst-class French nuclear attack submarine.

    That very night, the sun will reappear over Paris and Rome for five minutes, precisely at the stroke of midnight, before quickly receding back into the darkness.

    Days later, two miles off the Uruguayan coast, he will singly exit his conveyance, secretly provided by sympathetic officers of La Royale, and work his way ashore at night in a raft, unaccompanied. Twenty miles west of Montevideo, he will be met on a dark beach by a small, armed group of men and be driven north, at high speed, to a village on the outskirts of San Jose de Mayo.

    He will meet with a gathering of traditionalist editors, the moderators of AQ and Rorate Coeli, the secretly traditionalist head of the Swiss Guard and the command staff of a covert ops organization formed from ex-SEAL, SAS and SpecFor warriors from five, Catholic formerly nations.

    At the end of a four-day planning session, held inside this jungle hideaway, there will come forth the Order of Battle for Operation Coronation.

    In a matter of mere weeks, following days of unprecedented lightning storms, near-hurricane force winds and hail throughout Italy, news will emerge that co-prelate of Rome, Francis III, co-adjutor of the United Pilgrim’s Cooperative (formerly known as the Catholic Church) in conjunction with the Sons of Martin, has contracted yet another venereal disease and is not expected to live out the month…

  4. John Wayne is dead ! There are no more heros left !

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