The Right Answer to Common Core

Credit where credit’s due.

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4 comments on “The Right Answer to Common Core

  1. Reminds me of my days in R.O.T.C in 1961 when we had to field strip the M1 and .45 pistol. Never that fast though ! As far as common core, my first grade grandson has it in the Catholic school he attends in NJ! When I complained I was told the school gets State funding so they have to use it. No school is safe from its’ clutches. Here in Colorado many groups are trying to get it removed from the schools. It needs to be banned.

    • I did likewise five years later, 747. It was a great moment! And, no, none of us were as fast as the little Putinskies in the video, either.

      Howsomever, I have not lost my faith that the NRA, Field & Stream and Guns & Ammo, along with the Military Channel, will preserve the great old American tradition of firearms training, marksmanship and that wahoo! whoopdedoo! attitude men adopt the instant someone recommends, “Hey, let’s head down to the range!”

      If you watch the video clock, between aprox. 0:36 and 1:17 you can pretty well reckon that there were NO Marine or Army “expert” gunners manning the weapons. But hey, lead downrange is still lead downrange, right?

  2. Lock and Load !!!!1

  3. You know, I’m not sure what I think about the Ukraine issue but I am coming to quite like President Putin.
    He actually makes the sign of the cross, he is proud to be seen worshipping in church, he talks about morality, he takes the homos head on and basically tells them to nick off, he looks at the West as it is now and feels contempt.

    He knows what our leaders don’t know – without a moral Christian base a country is doomed.

    While our Western kids are being trained in drug taking, sex lessons, computer games, tv watching, and how to be the opposite to whatever sex you were born; the Russian kids are learning how to defend their country.

    Guess what? I think we are in a lot of trouble.

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