Fisher-More College Campus Closing May 5

Fisher-More College Campus closing May 5

by tantamergo

That’s the latest story I’ve heard from some folks very well placed to know. I do not believe the official announcement has been made, yet, but the financial problems at Fisher-More College have developed to the point – as many insiders thought they would – that the college will be forced to close its campus on May 5.

From what I understand, the hope is to keep the college open as an online-only college but Fisher-More does not have accreditation for such. In addition, the accrediting agency has previously only granted accreditation to online programs that develop from a real, physical college. It is unknown whether accreditation can be obtained for an online-only school.

There has been so much confusion and outright disinformation put out regarding this situation. I can say straight up that if Fisher-More College does shut its doors in a month, it will have absolutely nothing to do with Bishop Olson’s decision to deny permission for the College to offer the TLM, which I love and cherish as much as anyone. This is an entirely prudential and financial matter. A decision was made by the college’s president, Michael King, some time ago to hope against hope that funding could be found to support a facility well beyond the college’s current or historical financial means. No matter how good a deal was given on this facility, it was always way, way beyond what the college could afford, long-term, barring a literal miracle in terms of a massive and sustained increase of donations into 7 figures.

As an example, some well off Catholic could take a liking to my family, and offer to mark down their $10 million mansion and lakeside property in the country to $4 million. What an incredible deal that would be! They could even offer to delay payment on the property for a year. But the fact would remain that, barring winning the lottery or something like that (which, I don’t even play, as it is state-run gambling), that “incredible deal” would still result in our bankruptcy, and in short order, because it would be immensely beyond our ability to afford.

No matter how sweet the deal was, it would be profoundly imprudent for our family to enter into such an arrangement. One does not enter financial arrangements based on hopes of miracles. Many parents, faculty, administrators, former board members, etc., of both Fisher More College and Fisher More Academy felt the property FMC acquired last year was equally imprudent and would result in financial disaster. It appears those prognostications – made painfully, sadly – will be born out very soon. There are numerous details, of course, but I think it best not to go into them. The point is, FMC as a physical place of learning will close within a month.

It’s a very sad thing. Ecclesiasticus comes to mind. FMC was always a very small college, but it was faithful and for many years provided a top-notch Catholic liberal arts education. Whether it continues as an online place of learning or not, something significant will have been lost with this closing. The most tragic aspect is that this end was completely avoidable, at least until this imprudent arrangement was entered into.

So, given that this closing was seen by so many as inevitable, Bishop Olson’s action only blocked the Mass to a dwindling number of denizens of a dying Catholic college for a period of three months. There were no priests to offer the TLM there, anyway, so the number of Masses he really caused to be cancelled or denied could be zero. As for “denying the Mass to an entire college” line, we’re talking about a handful (maybe 8 or 10 souls) who relied on FMC for their primary TLM and couldn’t reach any easily available options elsewhere.

In closing, beware utopian visions. They almost always result in unhappy endings.

I will have comments open but if discussion deteriorates I may close them.

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6 comments on “Fisher-More College Campus Closing May 5

  1. I hear that they will reestablish in another diocese with a more friendly bishop and smaller plans

  2. I pray you are right Salus.

  3. Do not believe the lie that Olson’s actions had no effect on this. There was some real fundraising momentum created by the students earlier this year. Olson’s outrageous and illegal Blitzkrieg killed that. The “number of Masses he really caused to be cancelled or denied could be zero”. True enough. Equally true that monkeys COULD fly out of Olson’s butt. None of that gets Olson off the hook.

    • Just wondering if there’s a possibility of a suit claiming “restraint of trade”???

      That would probably entail contrary unfortunate theological implications (one cannot “traffic” in grace, so to speak) but if, on another plane, it could be clearly demonstrated that the good name of the school was adversely affected by Olson’s idiotic decision – and in a precisely material manner – then, maybe?

      Practically, shortness of time and funds, it would never happen, of course. But I was just wondering about that on purely theoretical grounds.

  4. I agree !! Olson could have helped or tried to help. He basically pulled the rug out from under them and stalled any chance of financial help or donations by basically saying your not wanted here. Olson is a buffoon !

  5. “I can say straight up that if Fisher-More College does shut its doors in a month, it will have absolutely nothing to do with Bishop Olson’s decision to deny permission for the College to offer the TLM…”

    That is absurd on its face: it simply is not possible that Olson’s dramatic actions could have been completely without effect.

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