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Guess we need a translation of this interview with Bishop Fellay. Anyone? Thanks!

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  1. Here’s a start (Google transl.)

    The Rock : Sir, in this battle for souls that leads our Fraternity for more than forty years, what is our relationship with the Church seems to take this fight seriously, what can you do with progressives ?

    Bishop Fellay: Actually, you can not do much . Currently , here and there , sometimes once sometimes get a church to celebrate Mass , but little else. We will never agree with the true progressives. But there are not as modernists. And if there are things that can be advanced , we must do well . We must try , but with great caution. Our Lord has not sent his apostles in a wheat field well, he sent them into the world.

    Rock : So the care of souls – not just souls who turn to the Brotherhood – which prompts you to take action?

    Bishop Fellay: Yes, we must have the care of souls . And in our relations with Rome is that issue is the question of the salvation of souls that motivates us . Our only concern is to get them back to Tradition. This is why I said ” the return of tradition in the Church.”

    Rock : There have understood this phrase wrong.

    Bishop Fellay : I spoke according to common sense . There are those who say that the Church can not be separated from its “Tradition” as it is a foundation , with the Holy Scripture, Revelation; say that the Church is separated from the Tradition , this is heresy . But that’s not what I said. Others say that “Tradition” is us ; so that we must pray for the return of the Tradition in the Church is asking that the works of the tradition back into the Church. This is not what I said. But due to a misunderstanding , we have priests who have left us !

    Rock : They took your expression to the theological level , unambiguously ?

    Bishop Fellay: A senior district told me that this wording would create problems. I replied : Dear Sir Abbot , if we continue like this, in a short time , we will declare heretical phrase ” the sun sets “, because according to the principles of physics and astronomy , the sun not set ! So if we say that ” the sun sets ” is a mistake, this is false. So , should we stop saying that the sun sets ? This expression is of the order of common language. Remain grounded , realistically . It is true that if we want to speak theologically , strictly , it does not make sense to ask for the return of the Tradition in the Church, I concede . But this is not what I meant. Archbishop Lefebvre , in the sermon episcopal consecrations of 1988, said: ” when in Rome Tradition has regained all rights .” It is the same thing as saying “the spring is back .” They are expressions of the common language.

    The Rock : Basically , life is full of analogies , it is not unique , that is to say, they use terms in various ways .

    Bishop Fellay: The analogy is ” in se, diversa , secundum quid unum ” when we speak of analogy, we are talking about two different things in themselves , but are alike in one respect. Obviously, there are several meanings to the word “tradition.” We can say that ” tradition is us,” yes ; but it also speaks of the tradition in a much broader way when we talk about ” the Tradition of the Church.” And we can also speak of the ” Tradition ” as the unwritten part of Revelation. This term is an analog . If this sense of analogy is lost , it is lost today, in this crisis.

    Rock : So let’s be careful not to let this spirit among us.

    Bishop Fellay : It’s already what Benedict XVI did with his ” hermeneutic of continuity .” To Benedict XVI, it was clear: there was the past – tradition – and then Vatican II. For everyone , there was a break and no one objected . Benedict XVI said that the Church can not happen in the past , it must keep, and that this is “integrated” in the past. For Benedict XVI, Vatican II belongs to the Tradition. We are then in complete ambiguity . When Vatican II says the opposite of what has been said so far, there is no ” hermeneutic of continuity .” But Benedict XVI held there because he wanted to save the Council, the Council retrieve saying a truth is what causes confusion : “The Church can not break with its past.”

    The Rock : How Does it then explains this break ?

    Bishop Fellay : That is why afterwards – at least twice in his pontificate , at the beginning and the end – he introduced the idea of ​​a false council , the ” media council ” or para-council would have replaced the true council in receiving What had the faithful of the council. This is extremely subtle. It recognizes that there are errors, that there are things that do not go, but he attributes this false council . Unfortunately this is only a trick to avoid the mistakes of the council to save the council.

    Rock : It seems that with the Pope Francis, this ” trick” has been scanned ?

    Bishop Fellay: We could say that the Pope Francis is the first defender of all these errors of Vatican II. His definition of the Council eg for him, the council is a rereading of the Gospel in the light of civilization , contemporary culture. For him the light to understand the Gospel today is modern civilization. But this is contrary to the faith that says the light with which we must read the Gospel , the Good God. That is theology. François and tell us the best fruit of the council, the best illustration of the effectiveness of the council, is the new mass. We agree : the New Mass is the result of the council. But told him that it is , and we say it’s wrong , that’s the difference .

    Rock : We really do not know where you’re going with this Pope?

    Bishop Fellay: It must be very careful when trying to pass judgment on him because he does not fit into our categories. It is extraordinary . It is a pope of praxis : what matters to him is the action, and he wants to have a free hand in action. This is why when talking about doctrine , he speaks vaguely , very fuzzy. There is more coherence between doctrine and action. There was everything in his sermons. What matters to him in action, it is men . If he feels sympathy for someone, everything is permitted. He received his friends rabbis Argentina, he even shared a meal ” kosher ” with them at home Sainte -Marthe . The photo was placed on the site of the World Jewish Congress : the atmosphere is nice, it looks like a bunch of friends . No matter what people will think , what are friends.

    The Rock : His election she changed the state of the Church?

    Bishop Fellay : It will not change anything . All practices that we denounce continue . The only thing that has changed is that invitations, discreet support to those who want a little more traditional , are completed (see the Franciscans of the Immaculate ) , and there is much confusion . So far , Pope Francis has not taken any steps to improve the dire situation of the Church. Whether religious , seminars , there is a stop facilities made ​​the old liturgy , while leaving the status quo.

    The Rock : A he understood the situation of the Church , the care of souls ?

    Bishop Fellay: It is modern, but still has all his catechism children . He believes that today’s youth knows his catechism. it could have been perhaps the case in Argentina , and again! He applies it transposes to the whole Church which is perhaps a little in Latin America.

    The Rock : With this pope, we can not expect improvement ?

    Bishop Fellay : Do you know the definition he gives himself to the Jesuit who interviewed him : “Who is Pope Francis ? “- ” I am a sinner , yes, I think this is the deepest I can give answer, and I am a little knave ( the French term translated deceitful so perhaps a little too strong word Italian ” furbo ” which means rather clever , cunning ) and manipulator. “[1] At the level of doctrine , it will be even less clear than before because some sentences are clear, and others are an incredible unclear.

    The Rock : The Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be ” canonized ” on April 27 . Is it any wonder such a decision? What can we do?

    Bishop Fellay : It is not surprising , what they want is to canonize the council, and there is nothing easier for this purpose to canonize popes who made the council. What can we do? – I would say we have tried everything , from the point of view of the action that we could have on Rome, which anyway is not listening and does not listen . It remains for us to pray, to remember the arguments that we have already published. We sent an important issue for

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