Divine Intervention?

It has been said that the only thing that can save the Church in this sea of apostasy is Divine Intervention. This is postulated because it appears that Rome has, indeed, lost the Faith due to the many heresies and sacrileges present in the Church during our times reaching even to the highest levels of the hierarchy itself. As a layman, I can only say: “Who am I to judge?” But, the intervention we seek may indeed have already occurred, not only in the many miracles that Our Lord performed during his sojourn on earth but many times since in the form of Eucharistic Miracles. So, it seems to me a good idea to provide a link to a description of these miracles so that we can take comfort in the fact that Our Lord is really still in charge no matter what the enemies of the Church present to us as the “truth.” The link is: www.acfp2000.com/Miracles/eucharistic.html

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