Please don’t post anything from Connecticut Catholic Corner

The blog-lady (who still uses an aol email) really doesn’t get it and is sending me what she thinks are legal threats.

If anyone sees anything else from this site let one of us know so that we can take it down.

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11 comments on “Please don’t post anything from Connecticut Catholic Corner

  1. Why do I picture that poor, misguided creature as living alone with about fifty cats? ;-)

  2. Surely you’re never alone with fifty cats!

  3. Yeah with cats come mice LOL!!!

  4. Oh, GPM! You plagiarist! This is too funny. I suspect Serv doesn’t think it’s funny, though.

  5. marykatherine on said:

    For calling yourself a Catholic group, you certainly are snotty. That woman asked you to stop running her stuff and all you have done is mock her. Write your own stuff or aren’t you that smart?

  6. Girls – yuck!

    C’mon guys, let’s go down to the pond and shoot frogs with ECS’s new .22!

  7. To the MAN CAVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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