An Indicator of the Total Collapse of Catholic Reverence in Our Time

[ I would normally not post anything from Novus Ordo Watch but make an exception here. I think this story does remind readers of just how deeply most Catholics have fallen away from reverence, piety and setting the example. I do not recommend linking to the video, if only because the two of the TV show “judges” are so visibly offensive. ]

Novus Ordo Nun’s Got Talent: Suor Cristina performs Pop Song on Italian TV
[LAST UPDATED MAR 21 2014 16:14 GMT]

It’s the Novus Ordo version of ‘March Madness’:

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the Novus Ordo Religion has the uncanny ability to outdo itself in terms of heresy, blasphemy, sacrilege, scandals, and other outrages. As a general rule of thumb, we can say that there is nothing the human mind can conceive that is so base or wicked that it would be beyond the pale of the Modernist Vatican II Sect to endorse, permit, or tolerate.

The latest case comes from Italy, where a 25-year-old Sicilian Novus Ordo nun participated in a secular talent show, singing and dancing like a pop star. The shocking incident took place on March 19, 2014, the Feast of St. Joseph, Fosterfather of God, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Universal Protector of the Church.

An Ursuline Sister of the Holy Family by the name of Cristina Scuccia — Suor Cristina — participated in the Italian secular talent show The Voice of Italy, performing the 2007 Alicia Keys song No One. The video clip of the event (see below) shows to what depths the Modernist Vatican II Church has fallen, with someone who has supposedly consecrated her entire life to Christ, singing, swaying, and acting in such a profane and indecent manner. A nun’s black habit, we recall, signifies her death to the world, something “Sister” Christina must have forgotten as she belted out this song with somewhat suggestive lyrics (see here), and not for the honor and glory of God but to receive the adulation and applause of the world.

This is utterly scandalous, indecent, immodest, and sacrilegious. Having been fed nothing but Modernist pseudo-Catholic theology for the last 50+ years, Novus Ordos may not think too much of this and even believe this to be “cool” and “awesome”, simply another great new way for Catholics to “reach out” to the world. This is the garbage people have been fed for decades, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, Suor Cristina herself has said her intent is to “evangelize”, but only a fool or a hopelessly deluded person could believe that one can spread the light of the Gospel by sinful and scandalous means. God cannot be served through mortal sin.

Things like this, even if well-intentioned, always end up the same way in the long run: They do not lead the world to Christ, but make Christ into a mockery before the world. The world does not become Catholic, but Catholics become worldly.
There is no better proof of this than the Novus Ordo religion itself, 50 years after the Second Vatican Council opened the church to the world. It is virtually powerless before the world, and most people do not really take it seriously.

But be that as it may: Genuine Roman Catholics are terribly outraged at this sordid spectacle perpetrated by Sister Cristina, as it causes grave offense against Almighty God, His Church, and the True Faith, which in most people’s minds is represented by this woman.

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11 comments on “An Indicator of the Total Collapse of Catholic Reverence in Our Time

  1. The most shocking thing to me about this video is that there are still NO nuns who wear habits.

  2. I linked to this video from the Remnant site. I didn’t get very far with it, it made me want to cry. Maybe it was because I was so worked up, but the judges seemed literally like emissaries from Hell. So now these nuns willingly submit themselves to the “judgment” of people like that, but the man at the top says: “Who am I to judge?”

    Who is in charge here? The nuns should be submitting to the judgment of their Superior and their Bishop and finally the Vicar of Christ. But sadly it seems these have abandoned their mandate to feed the sheep and lambs, and have left those in their charge to the mercy of the wolves.

  3. Josefa on said:

    She gave the “rock’n roll” devil hand sign in one of the still shots…charming.
    ( But who am I to judge?)

  4. This is really appalling and scandalous but indicative of the corruption of the whole Novus Ordo system. Yet, the Neo-Cons like Fr. Z and his sycophants think it’s great. I was reading another traditionalist blog the other day and the blogger opined that Neo-Catholics (Neo-Cons) have more in common with Liberals and Progressives than they do with Traditionalists. He was absolutely right. The gulf between traditionalism and Novus Ordoism is getter wider by the minute.
    Well…anyway…what do I know? I’m just a bilious sourpuss Promethean Neo-Pelagian restorationist…

  5. “Well…anyway…what do I know? I’m just a bilious sourpuss Promethean Neo-Pelagian restorationist…”

    But if only you had good hair….

  6. Wow, neo-cons are neo Catholics! Oh well, this peasant Catholic enjoyed the singing nun and if she can reach someone or evangelize many, keep on singing to bring glory to God. Apparently her Order did not have a problem with it?

    • I hope those ESL classes start to go better for you. Whatever language you’ve used to learn the meaning of terms like “neo-con” and “neo-Catholic”, they aren’t working for you. It might also help you in learning about the real Catholic faith.

      Oh, and given your musical take, you might also want to have your hearing checked.

    • Hey Sid get real, would you? Her order didn’t have a problem with it? Then the problem is with the ‘superiors’.

      You insult peasants who are actually Catholic with your utter lack of sensus fidei, utter lack of common sense, and stupidity. Sorry to say it. I am. But it’s true. Your post was offensive.

  7. They shoot horses, don’t they?

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