Grab A Beer and Pretzels! Keating’s Back!

From Karl Keating’s Facebook page, 3/19/14…

“Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized on April 27, which will be Divine Mercy Sunday. Millions of Catholics are looking forward to the day. Louie Verrecchio is not one of them. The Catholic blogger is particularly incensed about John Paul being canonized–and isn’t willing to show him any mercy.

At his website Verrecchio has posted an article titled “Pope St. John Paul the ???” He wonders what would be an appropriate title for the upcoming saint. He proposes these as possibilities:

Patron and Protector of Islam
John Paul the Mohammedan
Patron of Judaism
John Paul the Judaizer
John Paul the Innovator
John Paul the Apologizer
Patron of Novelty
John Paul the Rock Star
Patron of Frequent Flyers
John Paul the Interreligionist
Patron of Syncretism

Verrecchio invites his readers to propose titles of their own. Some of them do, suggesting titles even less flattering. Others start laying the groundwork for the argument that canonizations aren’t infallible–they can’t be, if John Paul II is declared a saint.

Of course, this goes against long-time theological opinion, which has held that canonizations are exercises in papal infallibility (on the premise that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t allow a pope to declare as being in heaven, and therefore as someone worth praying to, someone who actually is in hell).

The animus against John Paul II is so great in some quarters that people who have no formal training in theology are working up monographs that rethink the whole canonization process. (Safe bet: They won’t try to throw in doubt the canonizations of Pius V and Pius X.)

Their thinking is: John Paul II did or said something I don’t like; therefore, he can’t be a saint.

You know what? John Paul II did and said things I didn’t like, or he failed to do things I think he should have done, but I don’t think that speaks to his saintly status.

Did John Paul II make mistakes while pope? I think he did. So did Celestine V, the last pope to resign before Benedict XVI, but Celestine V has been St. Celestine V for centuries–not because he didn’t commit goofs while pope (he did), but because he lived a heroically holy life and died a heroically holy death. John Paul II lived and died the same way: heroically holy. That’s why he’s going to be canonized, along with John XXIII.

My own prejudice is against the quick erection of monuments to political or cultural figures. My (arbitrary) rule of thumb is that someone should be dead at least fifty years before he gets a monument in his honor. That’s long enough for early enthusiasm to have died away and for people to think at leisure, and at some remove, about whether a pillar of marble or a high school should carry that guy’s name.

I think much the same about canonizations. I’m not convinced that there is any “need” to canonize anyone quickly. After all, there are plenty of already-canonized saints to go around, and a possible future saint can be venerated privately in the meantime. So, by my rule of thumb, John Paul II is being canonized “too soon”–but not incorrectly. (John XXIII died in 1963, so he’s past my fifty-year mark.)

But this isn’t my call. If Pope Francis thinks this is the opportune time for John Paul’s canonization, that’s fine with me. The Pope isn’t under any duty to follow the Keating Public Monument and Canonization Protocol–which, like any protocol, admits of prudential exceptions. And it’s up to the reigning pope to decide what’s prudent.

As we prepare for the double canonization ceremony, we may as well prepare also for a few people to pop their corks, but not in celebration. The canonizations–particularly that of John Paul II–may be the breaking point for some. Perhaps Louie Verrecchio will be among them.

I’m referring to folks who are so cocksure of themselves, and who are so full of bad theories and bad will, that they would prefer to leave the Church rather than to stay in an organization that puts the word “Saint” before the name of the 264th pope.

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8 comments on “Grab A Beer and Pretzels! Keating’s Back!

  1. That’s right Karl, just leave your skepticism at the door and go along with whatever the pope says and does no matter how wrong it is. Be a good little brainwashed and “loyal” enabler for the disaster known as the Vatican II church. Keating, along with Voris and Shea would’ve fit right in at Jonestown!!

  2. null

    I think I know why Maida Money built his white elephant out of town. He probably figured that if he put it in Detroit, there would be no visitors, and it would have weeds growing around it. Oh! Wait!

  3. I just caught one geo-political analyst’s take on Obama in light of Ukraine, calling it a policy move from “peace through strength” to “peace through denial.”

    Good fit.

  4. John Paul II lived and died the same way: heroically holy. That’s why he’s going to be canonized, along with John XXIII.

    Horse hockey, Karl. The topless lectress, Assisi, theology of the body, are all sufficient to show that his virtue was unlike any Catholic Saint. In other words, it wasn’t heroic, it wasn’t holiness. He didn’t even try to be like his predecessors, so there is no way he can join them.

    Likewise John XIII. He betrayed the Church to Communists with the pact of Metz. Only Judas can top that.

    These men have received their reward. There’s no doubt that they suffer alongside the notorious destroyers who came before them.

  5. When did Keating start writing for The Onion?

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