Feast of St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph, Protector of Holy Church, inspire
our Holy Father, Francis, to govern the Holy Church
with a firm and resolute hand, to remove those who
openly preach and practice against the Holy Faith, to
reject any and all heresies, to welcome without delay
those who have for years fought to retain Tradition in
liturgy, practice and belief, to render Justice to those
mistakenly identified as outside the Church, and to provide
for the continuation of Holy Tradition among all those who
your Son has won for His Father in heaven.

Sit beside Francis and watch and inspire his every move so
that he may accurately and faithfully govern the Church here
on earth. Give him the coursge to do what must be done as you
did when you left everything and went with your beloved spouse,
the Holy Virgin and Mother of God and the child Jesus to the safety
of Egypt. Do not allow the enemies of Holy Church to influence
Francis in any way with the heresies of Modernism so accurately depicted in the encyclical Pascendi Domenici Gregis of St. Pius X
given to us over 100 years ago.

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