Mario Palmaro’s Funeral – Cruel Pastor’s Hatred Shamed by a Mayor

Unbelievable – dying Mario Palmaro’s
only way to arrange Traditional Funeral Mass:
ask for city permit and shame pastor into “allowing” it

The other-than-human hatred for the Traditional Mass continues even after death – in January, our contributor Joseph Shaw presented the Latin Mass Society’s guide on a way of ensuring your own Funeral Rites are conducted according to the Traditional Roman Rite (at least in some jurisdictions, see here: A Practical guide to having a Traditional Funeral Mass ).

Now, used as he was to the diabolical hatred for the Latin Mass, the late Mario Palmaro (requiescat in pace) devised, during the several months of excruciating suffering and pain caused by the disease that led to his death, another way to ensure the pastor of the cathedral of his city, Monza, would “allow” his funeral Mass to be performed in the Traditional Roman Rite in the Monza Cathedral:

“Mario Palmaro leaves a wife and four young children, yet in order to have a Catholic funeral he had to resort to a sort of ploy: while still alive he asked the pastor (Archpriest) of [the Cathedral of] Monza, to have the Holy Catholic Mass (V.O.) celebrated at his death; the priest answered – ‘no way.’ But Mario had already written to the Mayor [for a permit] if the funeral were to be refused in the Church that it be done by a Catholic priest (faithful to the Vetus Ordo) in the square [outside the cathedral]. And the Mayor gave his consent. So, faced with something that could have become a shameful scandal, the pastor had the Mass of All Ages celebrated inside the Cathedral in the presence of a deeply-moved crowd.” [Riscossa Cristiana, in Italian]

A great friend of Rorate was present in the Duomo, and he tells us well over one thousand faithful attended the Funeral Mass. Palmaro acted based on experience: one of the first articles we published in translation here by Mario Palmaro and Alessandro Gnocchi was on the denial of the Traditional Funeral Mass for Alessandro Gnocchi’s own father (Another traditional funeral Mass denied by a diocese, Nov. 11, 2011 ).

A subitanea et improvisa morte, libera nos, Domine.

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3 comments on “Mario Palmaro’s Funeral – Cruel Pastor’s Hatred Shamed by a Mayor

  1. It becomes more and more clear that the Novus Ordites are the most hateful bunch of hypocrites around. And they are well-served by their Hater-in-Chief.

    May his reign be short.

  2. All Protestantism was begat of the same root, revolution.

    As its various adepts ascended in the world – their sole heaven – their viciousness and debauchery grew fat on enforced stupidity, fed by lies.

  3. We trads have known for years the institution calling itself the Vatican II church (and their brain dead neo-Catholic apologists) are diabolical. This, like so many other examples the last fifty years, just reinforces that opinion. But to the average brain washed and ignorant conciliar catholic, it’s we trads who are evil, and it’s the modernists who are the defenders of Catholicism. St. Patrick and St. Joseph pray for us!

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