Oh, Canada!

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Friday, 28 February 2014


There are a lot of “isms” out there and the ancient heresy of Pelagianism has been talked about a lot lately in the Church. So what exactly is it?

Named after a British monk and condemned as heresy by the Council of Cathage in A.D. 431, Pelagianism views humanity as basically good and morally unaffected by the Fall of Adam and Eve; it denies the imputation of Adam’s sin, original sin, total depravity and the need for the substitutionary blood atonement of Our Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time, man is fundamentally good and is in possession of free will and with regards to salvation, it teaches that man has the ability in and of himself and without divine aid to obey God and earn, on our account, eternal salvation.

Do you attend or know someone who attends the traditional Latin liturgy of the Catholic Church – the Usus Antiquior, Vetus Ordo, Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, Tridentine Rite, Traditional Latin Mass, whatever you wish to call it — does that paragraph above describe you or the people whom you know?

Well, Father Tom Rosica seems to think so. He has taken a rather out of context quote of Pope Francis (apparently against those who presented him with rosary counts) and he has used the expression in a sometimes angry speech, hosted on Salt + Light. He has accused people of only liking fanons and vestments and that those who attend or prefer in some way the traditional liturgy do not seek Christ. He does so in a raised voice and near angry tones when describing these people; you, me, whomever. He openly declares that these people are “divisive” aside from being Pelagians, which means that you, me, they are heretics.

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has transcribed the most telling parts. If you wish you can link from there to the actual video. I for one, won’t be responsible for adding one hit to this less than adequate catholic apostolate.

What I wish to know is why is Father Tom Rosica so angry? What is his fear?

On any given Sunday in the Archdiocese of Toronto, no more than 700 souls, tops (and I include those at the Society of St. Pius X) attend this liturgy. In the Diocese of Hamilton, maybe 200, in the Diocese of London 150 between the Mass at Assumption in Windsor and Regina Mundi in London.

What on earth is possessing this priest, this university president that has turned Ontario’s oldest Catholic university into a chaplaincy and sold off its heritage; this papal consultor on social communications — this mocker of people calling them “Taliban Catholics” and “extremists” — one who sues fellow Catholics and Tweets slander sheet newspapers such as Rolling Stone who whilst featuring a Pope on its cover, denigrates another inside to say nothing about distorting the words of the one on the cover; and he Tweets it, promotes it on his own feed as if we should be rejoicing over it.

What is the problem? Why the reason for such hatred, yes; hatred and disdain over those few who seek after the liturgical “crumbs from the Master’s table”.

Really? 700 in Toronto and including the FSSP in Ottawa and the odd mass in Kingston and Sudbury maybe 1000, give or take — and maybe double that for across Canada; these few are Pelagians? These few are divisive?

This so-called “division” is not created by these few people. No, it is a lie! This division is created by those who call these people names and have the temerity to equate them with heretics and question their spirituality, their devotion; they take their own personal issues out on the form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which was codified in its present form by St. Pius V for the western Church but had been celebrated in that manner in Rome for over one thousand years before that.

I am not saved by my works. I am saved by the all redeeming blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on the Cross at Calvary made present at Mass in either Form (when in accord with the rubrics, matter, form and intent of the Church) and the Father’s mercy through the grace of the Holy Spirit and may I die in a state of grace so that I may be granted a stay in purgatory if I am not fit for heaven and that I excape Hell. Does this sound as if I am a Pelagian? Are you?

Let me say this; most people whom I know that attend the forma extraordinaria also attend the forma ordinaria; I certainly do and I chant in both, every weekend! So, let’s get this division nonsense put to rest.

Who is this priest to say that what I believe or what you believe because you prefer or your friend prefers to worship God exclusively in the traditional liturgy is a Pelagian — a heretic?

The interview is full of half-truths and distortions and detraction and it is unbecoming of a Catholic priest and one with papal mandate. It’s time to call it out for what it is and from whence it comes.

Really now; who is being divisive?

It is hatred, pure and simple and the question needs to be asked, why?

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4 comments on “Oh, Canada!

  1. As a traditional Catholic it was kind of amusing (in a nauseating way) when simple Jorge called we trads “neo-Pelagian”, because modernists like Jorge and this dunce subscribe to the doctrines of Pelagianism alot more than traditional Catholics do. It’s the modernists who believe, according to Gaudium et Spes, that man knows right from wrong and doesn’t need God or His Catholic Church to tell him that. Even Cardinal Ratzinger called some of this document Pelegian.These people are getting desperate, they know that their man-centered, ecumenical, and conciliar church is slowly crumbling, while the traditional orders are getting vocations. The modernists have been winning the battles for fifty years, but they will eventually lose the war. Either in twenty years or in two-hundred years, whenever Our Lord has seen enough.

  2. Cultists act like that. The loony leading the the loons. It’s even enshrined on a Canadian coin. (Apologies to all my Canadian pals. I was, of course, referring to the Nervous Ordeal establishment IN Canada.)

    And if this entire Nervous Ordeal Pirate Band ain’t a cult, then I’ve never seen one.

    Give Rosica a bucket and tap and point him toward the nearest patch of maples. It’s nearly Spring and the sap is running. He’ll feel right at home.

  3. Why? Because we are a threat to their beloved revolution. In Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ at the time of Christ’s death, Satan is absolutely enraged to the point of hysteria…..this is what we are seeing in a milder form. Don’t count on it remaining this mild. The more their phony agenda is exposed the more vicious they will become towards us and Tradition. SO BE IT…BRING IT ON….Better to live and die on the “outside” than to compromise TRUTH to be chummy with these revolutionaries and wolves.

  4. Speaking of modernists, Satan and the Novus Ordo, the puppet masters (along with the talmudists) of the NWO and the new church no longer need to hide in temples, they know the world has been “enlightened” enough now where they can march openly in a former Catholic country:

    Spanish Masons openly paraded for the first time in history to support the “right” to abortion.

    As reported by the newspaper El Pais, for the first time in history, the Spanish Masonry, through a joint by women and men, appeared as such in a mass ceremony in Madrid and a large group of its members has been identified bands provided Masonic rituals openly. The appearance of such a scenario was the annual Memorial Day rally last Saturday Women in Madrid and against reform of the abortion law.
    More information on the following link (El País)

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