A Solid Rebuttal Against Big $$$ Neo-Kathlyck Talking Heads!

[ Chris Jackson does a fine job answering the absurdities of LaVoris and the stars of the upcoming EWTN Entertainment Division’s boffo, slapstick production “Shea, Keating & Coffin: Dead Men Talking.” ]


“….As for using the “ecclesiastical pornography” analogy to describe the Remnant, it fails for several reasons. The first and foremost reason is that the analogy assumes the Remnant is taking private scandalous acts of the bishops and pope, and broadcasting these sins to the rooftops in order to vengefully shame these prelates, thus acting as traitors to the Church by causing scandal and outrage among the faithful. This is ridiculous.

The reality is that a large number of current prelates are “ecclesiastical exhibitionists.” They themselves are proudly making scandalous statements in the public and the press is covering every salacious and erroneous word they utter. Thus, how can the Remnant possibly shame those who have no shame? The public words of these prelates already cause the scandal, the discouragement, the outrage among the faithful as soon as they hit the press.

For example, at the recent runup to the synod on the family in Rome we have all seen Cardinal Kasper’s open and unrepentant promotion of the impossibility of Communion for the divorced and remarried. Far from condemning the idea outright, the pope has commented that he was happy each Cardinal will have the opportunity to present his view at the synod.

Further, Pope Francis’ top advisor, Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, spoke at the University of Dallas last year to lay out the implementation plan of Francis’ pontificate in America. While there, he stated that Vatican II rehabilitated Modernism, the hierarchy is subordinate to the “community”, Christ did not preach or proclaim Himself, Jesus was a “layman”, the pre-Conciliar Church was the “antithesis of centuries”, and the Church shares in the “common search for truth” with non-Catholics. To top it off, he also quoted Che Guevara’s chauffeur. If spreading scandal and error is truly “spiritual pornography”, then this talk should be renamed “Oscar Does Dallas.”

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