Low Comedy From a Top Card: Marx Deals From Bottom of the Deck

The insanity continues….

One of the C-8 (a new toxin discovered in the fever swamps of Buenos Aires) “nixes” hell.

Cardinal Marx opines:

The resurrection says the Cardinal, that God gives us the assurance that He will transform and lead us with His help to the end, “but without moralizing and without a hell of torture, imprisonment and a burning oven”. The Church caused this with pictures like that of purgatory and hell, fear of death. Not only that, the Church must “repent” for this scaremongering images that a malicious invention will be obvious to Catholics……”and for that we need to repent. (Cd. Marx)

This is the same Cardinal Archbishop of Munich – such a historically great Catholic See! – that couldn’t exclude the possibility of female “priests” when giving a talk to some German schoolgirls. So, now we have reason to be quite a bit concerned about at least 1/4 of the body of cardinals intended to advise Pope Francis on re-making the Church. (cf., Tantumergo’s blog)


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2 comments on “Low Comedy From a Top Card: Marx Deals From Bottom of the Deck

  1. I may draft a letter to a couple of head hunters I used to work with.

    Obviously, the cub scouts workin’ at the Motel 6 need a new search committee.

  2. This is wicked stuff!

    Total heresy.

    Pope Paul VI said something about the smoke of Satan having entered the Church, it looks to me now that it’s not just smoke but a raging fire!

    Come Lord Jesus!

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