Kapitain Karl Keating Slips On His Own Poop Deck, Again!

Another infamous attack by the $1/4 million/year-earning guru of Spastic Dancers (a/k/a Kathlyck Answers?) against Abp. Lefebvre, the horse he rode in on and the beleaguered Catholics at FMC.

Ol’ Karl’s prob’ly feelin’ cranky and in need of another luxury cruise to soothe his fevered brow. The strain of deliberately turning logic into jello while twisting one’s skeletal system into a pretzel to accommodate the Revolutionaries’ heresies and pants-dropping buffoonery is obviously taking its toll.


“I long have thought that if the old Mass (Extraordinary Form, Tridentine Mass) ever disappeared, the person most to blame would be the man in the photo. [Post includes a photo of Archbishop Lefebvre]

It was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s intransigence–his backing out of an agreement he had signed with the Vatican regarding the naming of his successor, followed by Lefebvre’s consecration, without papal approval, of four bishops–that put a shadow over those who wanted to see a revivification of the old Mass.

Once Lefebvre performed his schismatic act (so termed by John Paul II) and got himself excommunicated (not by papal decree but automatically, under canon law), the old Mass was associated in the public mind with a prideful old cleric and the often belligerent and rude people who wrote in his defense.

People who wanted the old Mass but didn’t share the views of the SSPX with respect to the new Mass and to Vatican II found themselves sidelined. They hardly could get a hearing from anyone. It was downhill for the old Mass for about a decade and a half.

What began to turn the situation around wasn’t anything done by Lefebvre or the bishops he ordained but by two popes the SSPX has never ceased castigating: John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

That is how it really was, but Lefebvre’s fans won’t admit it and probably can’t get their minds around the notion that their hero did more to put their cause in jeopardy than did anyone else.

Which brings me, in a roundabout way, to Fisher More College…”

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6 comments on “Kapitain Karl Keating Slips On His Own Poop Deck, Again!

  1. To which conciliarist bafflegab, the only reasonable response is:

    • I do not know the original ‘why’ and ‘to whom’ this was originally spoken, but it could be the “who am I to judge” equivalent to so very many words spoken by so very many stupid (or manipulated) persons thinking they know it all.

  2. Those of us who have been around here a while will remember the Cap’n getting his lunch handed to him when he made the mistake of sailing into these waters. He hasn’t gotten any smarter in the ensuing years. Oh how I long for the days when a fella could count on Captain Carl for good, solid advice like this:

  3. Excoriating the archbishop is the only way the Modernists can excuse themselves for the decline in the church over the last 50 years. The term “useful idiots” comes immediately to mind.

  4. Karl aside, it’s an interesting thought just what would have happened had the Archbishop held off the consecrations.

    As for Karl, does he think there would be more TLM’s? This would have required conversion of JPII. Karl certainly doesn’t think that JPII needed conversion. So, again, Karl is out to lunch. What he’s thinking is that the TLM would be kept neatly in a box along with all criticism of V-II. +Lefebvre blew that apart, so KKK is sad. Boo hoo.

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