Fisher More President Michael King responds to Taylor Marshall

Fisher More President Michael King responds to Taylor Marshall…

[ Courtesy of John Vennari and Catholic Family News ]

From the announcement…

While it was disturbing that Dr. Marshall abused his privilege as an ex officio member of the Board, his indiscretion could have been mitigated by fairness and accuracy, rather than being aggravated by misrepresentation. For instance, Dr. Marshall knows that the College originally considered purchasing the real estate by using seller financing, but the Board instructed me to seek different terms from the sellers. Further, he knows that the sellers agreed to a two-year lease with an option to purchase. Finally, he should know that the terms of our lease-purchase-option are so advantageous to the College that, as a result, the sellers (who are not Catholic) are now considered among our most generous benefactors. Anyone experienced in commercial real estate would envy the terms of a transaction he has called crippling. Moreover, I recall no member of the staff being more enthused about our future home than was Dr. Marshall, nor do I recall him ever suggesting a viable alternative to the one that he now claims has crippled us through my personal orchestration.

…From his seat in Board meetings, Dr. Marshall should also be familiar with all of the budgets and expenditures that followed the sale of our former campus. In fact, financial issues should have weighed heavy on his mind because fundraising and development were the main duties of a title, office, and job description that he personally requested and confidently assumed. So it is bewildering that he would imply a lack of knowledge or understanding with respect to financial affairs…”

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3 comments on “Fisher More President Michael King responds to Taylor Marshall

  1. The College has issued statements from both Mr. King referenced above and from the board if anyone is interested.

  2. Does the College need diocesan approval to operate or can they be independent of the diocese? What about its accreditation status?

    The SSPX has a number of churches in Texas. One is only a 17 minute drive from the address listed on the Fisher More website while another is a 50 minute drive. Others would be an hour by plane. I don’t know if they’d go for it or not given St. Mary’s, but….

  3. Dr. Marshall a pseudotrad hypocrite? How can that be?
    I wonder if Shea or Voris will cover Mr. King’s side of the story?
    Any campus “poison” is probably from the infiltration of the school with pseudotrad

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