Kasper Cratered by Msgr. Ignacio Barriero!


Nothing like it, is there, when a REAL priest takes on the Vatican’s version of Daffy Duck?

( Cd. Kasper offered only a short, incoherent response to the corrective…. )

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2 comments on “Kasper Cratered by Msgr. Ignacio Barriero!

  1. Let’s thank Cardinal Kasper for the greatest load of theological double talk that I have heard for quite some time.

    A true theologian’s job is to make the faith easier to understand and clearer in detail.

    This man has mouthed off rubbish that is nothing less than a trojan horse in which to bring in the heresy of anti marriage teachings that contradict the direct words of Our Lord Himself and the 2000 year teaching of the Catholic Church.

    • Why else would they be paying him all those honors, right?

      Platinum plated heresy, back to front. And yet, he is, according to media scribes, THE go to guy for El Che on all this crap.

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