Bishop Bans the True Mass at Fisher More College

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In a stunning and breathtaking letter, the Most Rev. Michael Olson, the newly-ordained bishop of the Fort Worth Diocese and the second-youngest bishop in the United States, has fully and totally banned the offering of the Traditional Latin Mass in the chapel of Fisher More College, where it has been offered for the last three years on a daily basis by chaplains all approved by his predecessor bishop according to the college. This blow comes after the students of the college raised $300,000 in about a week to keep the school open for the spring semester

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8 comments on “Bishop Bans the True Mass at Fisher More College

  1. Josefa on said:

    Well, it’s obvious- Fr Gruner was (Invited) there.( that’s the dividing line). We can’t have that now, can we?
    There is always the “horrifying” possibility to the NO that these young people might learn the facts about what our Lady actually asked in Fatima, and how Rome has subterfuged the message of the Most Holy Trinity tand Our Lady. of Fatima.

  2. Technical point, thurifer: Bishops are “consecrated”. They are already ordained.

    That has no effect, of course, on your sage observations.

  3. We can again thank Benedict’s doublespeak (intentional, or merely “sloppy”?) in Summorum Pontificum — the “Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite” requires no permission from the local bishop… but it can be banned by him. How can anyone be “in communion with” leaders who are not even in communion with themselves???

    At least Francis is somewhat consistent with himself, if not with Catholic teachings — he is politically a lefty, and doctrinally thoroughly Modernist…. none of this “half-Catholic/half-Conciliarist” mentality of his most recent predecessors!

    Also, this is yet one more reminder of the dangers of trying to maintain a Traditional Catholic life under any Conciliarist diocesan structure — all it takes is a change in personnel, or even a change of heart, and any “special privilege” (if simply remaining truly Catholic can be called a privilege) can be yanked away at a moment’s notice.

    As a participant in FMC’s recent fundraising drive, I feel as though I’ve been cheated. How much more have the school’s faculty, staff, and especially students been cheated?

    I even had a fundraising idea that I’ve been meaning to share with them, but now I’m wondering if I might end up helping just another Novus Ordo — and hence soon to be CINO — educational institution. And there’s also the fact that I am most certainly not a sales or fundraising expert (I would be whatever the opposite of “expert” is in these matters), so I tend to assume that my idea is either so obvious that someone else would’ve already thought of it, or that it’s simply not viable. Seeing now that they are under the heel of a NO modernist, it may be that they would actually be unwilling (or even forbidden) to implement it.

  4. This was not me. This was taken from Rorate Caeli. I tried posting the link when I submitted the post, and even edited it, but the link never wanted to show.

    Sorry about that!

    • Well, of course I believe you, thurifer, as do many others here. However, it seems Mark Shea does not.

      AQ’s Seismographic Institute just reported highly localized but severe tremors of a pattern that match known records of Shea on a unicycle and racing madly down the highway in high dudgeon.

      Using field-tested interpolation and projection mapping, it looks like he’s headed for your region. Please take all necessary precautions!

  5. What’s so “stunning and breathtaking”? We all know that the Devil hates the Latin Mass of St. Pius V.

  6. The people should disband and form another school and go on with the Mass anyway. We are supposed to be able to have the Mass. We don’t need the NO church to OK the Mass when we have already had the permission to have it. First, go on with the Mass following the Motu Proprio. That would make the bishop look like a meany when he would ban the whole school. Then go on with the school even if you have to use sspx priests. These bishops are liberals and they usually hate the old Mass because they hate the old true catholicism. We have to stand up to these liberals even if it means disobeying them because to me, the truth is more important than obeying a liberal and we always have the sspx as a back up to do it. This is just my opinion, of course, but I do not bend to people whom I think are dead wrong. You could always move the school to a diocese more friendly to the old Mass.

  7. mardancy: In case you did not see it, the college went out of business some weeks ago, unable to even attract enough students to participate in its online curriculum.

    A sad tale.

    I came away with two conclusions. First, ANY “arrangement” with the NO regime is always going be a high-risk proposition. Second, Trads need to seriously organize themselves financially and managerially BEFORE undertaking high-risk gambles like opening up a college. There are realities that need to be addressed, especially now in a world so hostile to Catholicism.

    Even the pizza guy, Monahan, blew a wad on the stupid premise he could do a world of good by giving his fortune away to Nervous Ordeal projects.

    There aren’t many Trads, compared to the NO universe. But I’ve learned that many in the club are as savvy in business as they are in theology. So I think there is hope, down the road. But to develop a genuine capability to take on projects of genuine potential good requires organization. And that is one thing Trads lack.

    That, however, could be overcome, as well.

    My own advice, going back to the 70s, to entrepreneurs was consistently to start small and succeed there, first.

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