How To Drive a Nervous Ordeal Bish-apparatchik Bonkers!


The following remarks were made at FMC by Dr. Dudley in 2013. By traditional (i.e., thoroughly CATHOLIC) standards, the remarks are clear, Catholic, true and hit the mark about the Revolution which hijacked the levers of power in the Vatican in 1962. We learn that Pope Pius XI, of felicitous memory, had thoughts of removing Roncalli (who would three decades later become John XXIII of infelicitous memory, which of course made him a superhero to the Revolutionaries now demanding and successfully winning a pending – but yet unaccomplished – “canonization” for him.) Sadly, that happy Catholic thought was never turned into action.

No wonder a careerist company man like Olson decided to take advantage of the new Putinesque “atmosphere” being breathed in Rome by the Revolutionaries and invoke a power he hath not (to prohibit the Latin Mass), playing the game of “Pope vs. Pope” (i.e., El Che 0 vs. Benedict XVI ) while his liberal and conservative fans load up on pitchforks and torches on their way to burn down FMC, cheered on by the Dr. Marshalls of the world.

The wisely chosen, scholarly words of Dr. Dudley are like holy water to the devil when they strike Revolutionaries.

Sizzle and hiss, baby! Sizzle and hiss!

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One comment on “How To Drive a Nervous Ordeal Bish-apparatchik Bonkers!

  1. You all are a lot smarter than I am in these matters, but it seems to me Dr. Dudley is right on with his analysis of Vatican 11 and the decline of the Church. I still do not understand why the TLM has anything to do with the financial condition of the school or the administration. It looks like the school is going under anyway, why does one , Olson, want to drive more nails in the coffin before the patient is really dead. Dr Dudley is correct when he says the TLM should be the norm not the NO. Maybe Olson can’t speak Latin or is just a buffoon.

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