German Homeschooling Family to be Deported from USA

They came here for asylum.

Now, betrayed by the Supreme Court (with how many “kathlyck” justices, again?), they are placed at the tender mercies of B. Hussein Obama and Eric Holder.

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4 comments on “German Homeschooling Family to be Deported from USA

  1. How is the new Ft. Worth bishop any different than King Obama?

    • Well, at least he wasn’t born in Kenya and doesn’t have “muslim” written on the line for “religion” in the records of an Indonesian grade school run by nuns.

      That’s something, anyway.

  2. I bet if this family were Muslim or from Mexico or South America B. Hussein Obama and his commie side kick Eric Holder would’ve never fought this in the courts. Because, after all, to them its not about justice, the law or fairness, its about who are the potential votes for the Democrat Party and the push for atheistic socialism here in the good ole US of A.

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