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BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Bans Fisher More College from offering Traditional Latin Mass to students

Stunning letter gives no reason, simply bans the Mass said daily for last three years at school for sake of “your own soul”

Canon Law Centre: Bishop has “unlawfully restricted the rights of the faithful”

An effect of new Pontificate? First the FI, now the youth in America

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In a stunning and breathtaking letter, the Most Rev. Michael Olson, the newly-ordained bishop of the Fort Worth Diocese and the second-youngest bishop in the United States, has fully and totally banned the offering of the Traditional Latin Mass in the chapel of Fisher More College, where it has been offered for the last three years on a daily basis by chaplains all approved by his predecessor bishop according to the college. This blow comes after the students of the college raised $300,000 in about a week to keep the school open for the spring semester (see here).

Rorate has exclusively obtained — through a source who has requested anonymity — a copy of the letter sent last week by the bishop after a personal meeting with the college’s president, Michael King. Even more striking, the letter from Bishop Olson states that he’s doing this “for your own soul,” addressing Mr. King, apparently saying in some twisted way the offering of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form is a danger to Mr.King’s soul.

When asked by Rorate for a response to the letter from Bishop Olson, the school declined to comment.

Here is the letter from Bishop Olson to Mr. King:

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NB: The only option Bishop Olson offers to the students to assist at the Traditional Latin Mass is in a parish where it is offered only on Sundays, at 5:30 p.m. This parish in turn is the only place in the whole diocese where the TLM is now available under diocesan authority.

Nothing in the morning on Sunday, nothing on Saturday, nothing during the week. Students who have traveled across the country to attend this school, surely due in part to its daily Traditional Mass and sacraments, should now simply have next to nothing, according to the bishop.

Rorate will be following this closely, and we not only permit, but urge other blogs and mainstream media to do the same. We will also be offering deeper analysis in the days and weeks to come. For now, some initial reactions:

1): We have already seen the clampdown, ordered by Pope Francis, on the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) and have covered it in depth. At least, with the FI, there were — albeit ridiculous — scenarios listed by Fr. Volpi about extremism in the order, giving them — again, ridiculous — reasons to ban the Traditional Mass, as if the Mass of the saints could cause negative extremism. However, in this letter, there are no scenarios like this — it’s just a complete ban on the Mass, a naked power grab by a young bishop who clearly has a lot to learn about the politics of abusing authority.Why not just ask them to offer the Novus Ordo along with the TLM? Not that they should have to, but he would have at least come off, to some, as a bit less heavy handed and somewhat more compassionate towards the students.We fully expect him to come up with some other “evidence” once he feels the heat this is sure to bring.

2): This is, along with the FI, another important test case, this time on the availability of the TLM in Catholic schools, already a severely under-served sector despite the best efforts of Pope Benedict and his Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.

3): This extremism, regrettably, involves a very young bishop (47) — which just goes to show that younger prelates do not automatically represent a “biological solution” that will solve the problem of hierarchical opposition to Tradition or outright modernism. (This comes in the wake of the “example” given by the young and outspokenly modernist bishop Stephen Ackermann in Germany, with regards to sexual morality.)

4.): There are so many problems with Catholic higher education as presently available in hundreds of colleges and universities like Notre Dame and Georgetown, yet, what gets the sledgehammer from a bishop is one of the few loyal and orthodox colleges where the students simply want to live their faith and accept all the demands of that faith by the Church.

5.): We believe the outrage of this action will not only resonate with traditional Catholics, but conservative Catholics as well, who may not attend or even like the TLM but surely understand the direct wishes of Pope Benedict expressed in Summorum Pontificum regardless of whether schools were specifically named in the still-binding document. However, we fully expect some Catholics who purposely and poorly disguise themselves as orthodox to justify this case in regards to the action of Bishop Olson, and to dismiss the very obvious “Effect” of at least a perception of the new Pontificate that is taking root around the world and spreading rapidly among priests and prelates.

Creative Minority Report weighs in with further important points:

“I will also note that the Bishop made this decision just over 3 weeks into his tenure in the Diocese. Hardly enough time to address any underlying issues fairly with the college. As such, this seems directed at the TLM only.

“Whether beyond his authority under Summorum Pontificum or not, this draconian action with minimal justification directed at something so ancient and sacred, reverberates far beyond the confines of campus. This is reminiscent of other recent actions directed against the TLM with minimal justification and will likely be seen as very chilling by traditionalists within the Church, increasing that very dangerous sense of isolation.”

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Rorate has also reached out to our long-time partners at the Canon Law Centre for their review of Bishop Olson’s action. Their strong response follows:

CALL TO ACTION: Please, dear readers, blog about this grave injustice. Email this to your families and friends. Tweet it on Twitter, including retweeting our Tweets which you will see on the right-hand side of this page. Send it to the media. We must do everything in our power to spread the word and help this school and students regain their God-given patrimony. Don’t think for a second this starts and stops with this college. If we don’t act now, we will surely regret it later.

MEDIA: for your reporting purposes, you may accurately refer to Rorate Caeli as the most-read international traditional Catholic blog on the Internet.


** We have reached out to Bishop Olson and the USCCB for official reaction. We will print their responses in full if they respond. **

It did not take long for news to spread to Europe. Italy, Germany, Poland, France and others have already begun reporting. A couple of examples below:

Click here to read Corrispondenza Romana

Click here to read TradiNews
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22 comments on “Breaking News

  1. I’ve forwarded John Vennari’s email to me about this to all interested parties.

    Welcome to the Crimea, comrades.

  2. I wrote an email to this bishop expressing my thoughts on this decision. It probably will never get to his eyes to read but made feel better. You can’t tell me that this modernist bishop, after only being bishop for three weeks, didn’t have the green light and this already planned out with either Jorge directly or with one of his minions inside the Vatican. This order imo comes right from the top of the rot in Rome, and that’s Jorge himself!

  3. Just say no. Smile and continue on as usual. It worked for CITH.

  4. I just emailed the bishop, as well.

    And, as St. Francis indicated, above, I imagine my heartfelt, carefully wrought missive is already being forwarded directly to MI6, the NSA, the Mossad and the SVR for further study.

    Forward, comrades!

  5. Where’s Voris’ take on this? Guess he’s busy admiring his hair and trashing Michael Matt, John Venari, Chris Ferrarra and the SSPX. I just got off the phone(was hung up on) by a rude associate of Mikey’s after suggesting that MIkey apologize to the above.


    Mikey and company like their cozy, little neo-con world.

    I called Fisher More as I was planning a campus visit soon for my kids…..but with this bombshell……we’ll have to see what develops….Fisher More, I was told, is being inundated with calls and e-mails. Keep praying, the enemy never rests.

  6. Those battle lines that were hazy or forgotten about are now becoming crystal clear.
    Thank you God for giving us Archbishop Lefebvre.

  7. Well, if true (and Tantamergo appears to have been a solid source, heretofore), that does paint a different picture, even though it does nothing to change the idiocy of a Latin Rite bishop using the Latin Mass as a “instrument” with which to punish even an over-the-top trad College prez. (Is King trending BLEEP! ?)

    If there are administrative problems (which seem obvious after now learning of mass defections by prior faculty), then the bishop is within his rights to intervene for the good of the diocese and the college. But prohibiting what he is not allowed to prohibit – and tossing in a gratuitous line about salvation, to boot – was dumb.

    If we ever do learn that what Tantam has written about does, in fact, turn out to be an accurate assessment, then the entire enterprise might turn out to be a sad tale of misspent zeal.

    Of which, of late, there are not a few others.

  8. This is a war against the TLM and traditional Catholicism period!! How many bishops ban the Novus Ordo at “catholic” colleges because it is too “extremist” or “leftist”? If that were the case there would be no “masses” at WYD or at any novus ordo college. Tantamergo is entitled to his opinion but I think he’s looking at it through a small lens of an anti-SSPXer than the larger problem of anti-TLM and anti-traditional bishops looking for an excuse to shut down the TLM and pro-tradition college no matter who is behind them.

    • That may be the case. Indeed, it’s almost probable, St. Francis.

      My own unhappiness is due to the fact that I know folks who’ve visited FMC and have come away massively impressed after a short visit. It DID seem to be a sign of confidence.

      Apparently, the realities on the ground are a little different, though. At least in the opinion of those who are right on top of the scene.

      I’d like to hear more about what King actually has said and done before offering any more unsolicited and only partially-informed comments of my own. (I’ll save those, as usual, for other topics and personae about which I know even less than I do in this instance!)

      : – )

      • I agree Gpmtrad, I have heard only good things about Fisher More but I am on the outside looking in also. It just seems like too much of a coincidence to me that right after FMC, through a vigorous fund raising marathon mostly by students to keep their college up and running, this new bishop issues this heretical statement banning the TLM at a traditional college. I don’t know anything about this man King, so Tantamergo could be right. My humble opinion is if King was affiliated with the FSSPX, the FSSP, ICKSP or any other traditional society it wouldn’t matter to this bishop or to any other modernist of his ilk because it’s all about declaring war on the TLM and Catholic traditionalism, no matter the source.

        • One fella I know reported that Fr. Gruner offered the Latin Mass there last year.

          THAT alone would have done it in the eyes of a VII groupie like Olson. If he’d been Ordinary at the time I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he had called in the Texas Rangers (the guys on horses with badges, not the semi-mediocre baseball guys.)

  9. andrew65 on said:

    Regardless of the opinions of Mr. King or administrative issues, there can be no justification for banning the Traditional Mass. Those are simply excuses put forward by folks who always want to let our enemies off the hook, i.e., Father Z. Oh, the bishop must have had a good reason, we don’t know the whole story, etc. The fact is, everything from heresy to pornographic plays are tolerated and promoted at so-called “Catholic” colleges with not a peep from the local ordinaries. If Mr. King is speaking out boldly against V2, then more power to him. How long are we going to be so mealy-mouthed about what is happening to the Church. Vatican 2 is the cause, pure and simple. Silence isn’t golden, it’s YELLOW!

  10. Okay, I may have missed it the first time but it does appear that Tantamergo MIGHT be more of an ED type than a Society Trad.

    That would explain bringing Fr. ZLEEP! into the conversation (which, so far, might help out those looking for a good pairing with Tuscan vegetables but zilch if the need is for sound traditional advice.)

    It would also explain his obvious concern over a priest who knows what he’s talking about blasting the most obnoxious, toxic single event in history since the founding of the Church – since THAT “…calls the Council into question….”

    So, if true that the school is down to twenty or so students, this will only become a case study for how someone else may avoid turning a great idea into pure mush in no time.

  11. Josefa on said:

    I can’t help but think this all about the consecration of Russia, and also that some traditionalists are promoting it. It scares them to death. Better to abolish any form of real devotion and worship in the TLM that might inspire the truth about the consecration to be stirred up. It apparently must be crushed right away.
    God bless Fr Gruner, a truly brilliant, and inspired living saint. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so..

  12. Josefa on said:

    When I said “them” in the above post, I meant the NO,and neocats. Just wanted to be clear.

  13. So the truth seems to be emerging: Mr. King committed the one unforgivable sin against the Novus Ordo church. He dared to deny aspects of Vatican II – more than just once!!!
    Deny the concept of Hell? No problem!
    Deny the purity of the Blessed Mother? Okey-dokey!
    Deny the Real Presence? Whatever, dude!
    Deny the Church as necessary to Salvation? You just might be a Cardinal in “full communion”!
    Deny the Divinity of Christ by calling Him a sinner? Who am I to judge? You’re the Pope (sorry, the Bishop of Rome)!

    But deny “aspects” of Vatican II? No Mass for you, heretic!

    I should long since have ceased to be the least bit surprised by the pure punitive hatred displayed by these hypocritical jackals and their bootlicks, but they are always able to take things even further beyond the bounds of decency. Anyone who has anything to do with them or their satanic liturgy (for what else has done more to spread their evil?) does so at the peril of his soul.

    May his reign be short.

  14. Having now had time to reflect, I find I overestimated Tantamergo’s perspicacity.

    He appears, as I’ve researched him and his peers, much more a smells and bells type and hardly a “Trad” of the sort most of us here would recognize as such.

    In other words, while moving toward Tradition, he ain’t there yet. He appears to still have some conciliar Kool Aid sloshing around in his bloodstream. Few of us do not, of course, but getting slapped around and frog marched a few times by REAL Trads on AQ is always effective in cleansing the bloodstream.

    Sorry for any miscalculations or misinterpretations, expressed or implicit, in my earlier remarks on this thread.

    Just go by ECS’s evaluation of the characters involved and you will remain, as ever, on the high and sunny road.

    • Good heavens, don’t ever take anything I say as anything more than one person’s opinion. I always tell my kids and anyone else who will listen, “You can’t go by me.” I’ve had more than my share of false starts and bad ideas, at least some of which have made it into the electron patterns of AQ. Check it out for yourself to see if it passes the sniff test.

      And THEN come back and tell me I was right. ;-)

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