What is Pope Francis Doing?

I want to raise two recent events in which our current Pope has done strange and questionable things, which could even be said to be against Church doctrine or, at least, the intention of the Church.

The first event is pointed out by The American Society for the Defence of Tradition Family and Property, which has just published a very disturbing article.

I am sorry I do not know how to paste links to websites, I have pasted the website address and I hope that works.

The article is a letter to the Pope. It is titled:
Quo vadis, Domine? Reverent and Filial message to His Holiness Pope Francis from Prince Bertrand of Orleans Braganza

It is about Pope Francis receiving Communist activists into the Vatican and telling them to “carry on.”
I am left stunned.

The second incident is the Pope’s decision to not use his Vatican City passport, where he is listed as Francis, when travelling internationally. Instead he will use his Argentinean passport, where he is listed as Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
In other words, he deliberately does NOT want to be listed as Pope!

Again I am stunned. What on earth is he saying to all of us by doing this?
Does he hate being Pope?
Is his so called humility such that he doesn’t even believe in the Papacy?

This is embarrassing and theologically ridiculous.

Each time I am hoping that the Pope’s latest gaff is his last…but each time I am disappointed.
This man appears in some ways to be a walking disaster zone. The real problem is the shocking example he is setting for the Church and the world.

From Fidei

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6 comments on “What is Pope Francis Doing?

  1. If you just picture in your mind that he has for decades thought of himself as a progressive social activist before all else, seeing doctrine as a pliable tool by which to revolutionize society, then those items make sense.

    His is the mind of a street priest, a gaucho at the barricades.

    It makes for great copy in all the “mui importante” journals, but it’s a sloppy theology, at best.

  2. Here is an excellent, detailed explication, fidei.

    (With my usual apologies to Serv about citing Guimaraes… )


  3. This man is a minion of Satan. I truly believe that now after one year. He has promoted things so contrary to the teachings of Christ and His Catholic Church that I can’t think otherwise. Now he and the other heretic Walter Kasper are trying to change the teachings of Our Lord on divorce and “remarried” Catholics, he’s persecuted the FFI, cleaned out every Cardinal in the Curia that had any “traditional” leanings, called the TLM a “fad”, condemned the Church for being “obsessed” with upholding the right of unborn babies to be born and traditional marriage, told a heretic that he is a “fellow bishop” and is entertaining communist activists inside the Vatican, and is the darling of the secular, leftist anti-Catholic world media. I think it’s going to get alot worse. I hope et cum spirit 220 will forgive me for plagiarizing him when I say: May his reign be short!

  4. Bergoglio the Destroyer! I can’t bring myself to use or allow him claim to the name of the Seraphic Father St. Francis.

  5. “I hereby offer $1000 to any man who can break my figure-4-leg-lock!”

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