Louie Verrechio, whose quiet entry into the major leagues has been met with by fans with increasing fervor this season, came to the plate with LaVoris on the mound, grinning defiantly.

The first pitch was wild, then the second nearly beaned Louie as he managed to duck out of the way at the last possible instant. But, rather than charge the still-smirking hurler, Louie just smiled back and waited for the 2 and 0 pitch.

Then it came. A screaming inside curve, clocked at 90 mph.

Louie turned on it with his natural, some say supernatural, athletic grace, pulverizing it….

The ball, or at least what was left of it, was last seen clearing the roof of the stadium at an estimated 175 mph and was still climbing when the network announcers phoned the local Air Force Reserve base to request a chase plane be launched to track it and determine where it would land, eventually.

Nicely, nicely played, Louie!

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  1. Josefa on said:

    Yea Louie!

  2. The Final Homerun – The Natural (8/8) Movie CLIP


  3. Amen, Louie, amen. Would that Michael would contemplate seriously what you say and apologize for his errant behavior.

  4. Btw, that movie ( “The Natural” ) filmed the ball park scenes on location at the old War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, NY. It went the way of all old ball parks shortly thereafter.

    But, for a brief period. Buffalo enjoyed the limelight and it was kinda cool.

  5. Michale Voris refuses to take the logical consequence of his own actions. So typical of the conservative Catholics, who fail to see that they themselves have the same disease that is infecting the conciliar Church.

  6. On another post I got into a discussion about Michael Voris and his position re criticism of the Pope and the unfortunate remarks made on Church Militant about The Remnant and other defenders of the faith.

    Some on this website were very upset and very critical of Michael Voris.

    I felt it had degenerated into a slinging match and that we needed to pull together in our defence of the Faith.

    I think the assessment of the situation is dealt with very well by Michael Matt on his The Remnant video “Pope Basing The Remnant answers its Critic.”

    As usual Michael Matt is a real gentleman and intelligently argues the need for us to work together to defend the Church.

    I would urge people to watch it. It isn’t long, about 18 minutes, but very well argued.

  7. Please forgive my typo on the last post.
    Michael Matt’s video is: – Pope Bashing The Remnant Answers Its Critic

    In this he also gives very interesting historical examples of Saints criticising the pope of the day, and doing this for the good of the Church as a whole.
    However, he argues that if we feel compelled to criticise the Pope, it must always be reluctantly, not with some sort of glee, and respectfully.
    Michael Matt always comes across as a real gentleman and in this crisis period in the Church’s history it is hard for us all to remain gentlemen.

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