J23/JP2 CANONIZATIONS ENDANGERED! (Oh, the irony! Hee hee!)

From Catholic World News website, today


“A severe fiscal crisis in the city of Rome could create enormous problems for Vatican officials planning the April 27 ceremonies for the canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII.

Newly installed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has blocked proposals for an infusion of cash into Rome. As a result, Mayor Ignazio Marino has warned, the city will be unable to pay employees in March. Marino said that the result could be a halt in bus service, trash collection, and other essential services. He observed that the resulting chaos could endanger the canonizations, which he described as “an event of a planetary scale.”

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8 comments on “J23/JP2 CANONIZATIONS ENDANGERED! (Oh, the irony! Hee hee!)

  1. If any of our stalwarts have run out of GREAT intentions to pray for, well……….

  2. Perhaps this is how God is going to answer our prayers in this regard.

  3. All ya all making fun of this……Mr. Voris would not think kindly of you!!!

  4. Yeah, I was gonna ask the same thing. I mean, for cryin’ out loud, if AQ has to rely on my lamebrained posts for sustenance we’d be outta business in another two days! I tried to kick off a couple things just to get things going earlier today and look what I came up with.

    But seriously, I do hope he checks in soon and all is well.

  5. Glad all is well, O Learned One!

    (I WAS getting worried. I was down to searching the Popular Mechanics site for stuff to post. Phew!)

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