Gonna Party Like It’s Seventeen Eighty-nine!

From DICI, today:

The new lists of grievances


A strange questionnaire on the family, to which anyone can answer freely whatever he wants, whatever he feels, perhaps what he believes…concerning the indissolubility of marriage, contraception, homosexuality… The answers to these questionnaires are supposed to help the cardinals understand better the “pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization,” at the Synod that is to be held next October.

For the last several weeks, these answers have been diffused in the press and online by certain Bishops’ conferences that wish to show the world, but especially Rome, that the Catholic doctrine and the practice of Catholics are not on the same page. It is already being suggested that in order to reduce this difference, we need only reduce moral demands…

If we continue thus, the answers to this worldwide survey will soon be presented as the lists of grievances that the laymen place in the hands of their representatives, the cardinals, for a Synod seen as the States-General of “the family in the context of evangelization.” Then shall we be able to repeat with Cardinal Suenens, speaking of Vatican: “It 1789 in the Church!”

Fr. Alain Lorans

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2 comments on “Gonna Party Like It’s Seventeen Eighty-nine!

  1. And, interestingly, of the handful of prisoners freed from the Bastille, their “patron” anti-saint was none other than the Marquis deSade!

    Irony can be delicious, sometimes.

  2. So, the message should be that those who call themselves Catholic are not in reality Catholic either because they do not believe what She teaches or because they’ve never been taught precisely what She teaches and Why it is that She teaches what She does. The Why is just as important as the What because if we cannot explain well enough to others the Why then the What loses its potency.

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