Pope Addresses Pentacostalists Directly

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11 comments on “Pope Addresses Pentacostalists Directly

  1. I must be missing something here. I just listened to the Pope’s talk to the Pentacostalists.

    What on earth was he saying?
    Again all the humility – we’re brothers he kept saying. Again the need for us to hug, to love each other.
    But what was he saying? What did all this have to do with anything? Where was any positive teaching, any positive direction from the Vicar of Christ?

    It all seemed like blather.

    Or am I missing something?

  2. Sounds like someone needs a spiritual hug. :)

  3. fidei ,

    The point you make is precisely the point, what is that, well, namely, that I think that both Trad Catholics and conservatives are mistaken if they think that this pope is going to be committed to anything. He will say many nice sounding things, but one thing is for sure, is that he will not stand behind anything. Many people have been blinded by his false ‘humility’ and ‘love for the poor’, but defecto their isn’t much real humility or love for the poor. It is all about image – look good, sound good and empty people are happy enough with that. Don’t give any real commitment to anything, that way you can’t be accused of anything either way. – That will be the agenda of this pope.

  4. I find that all of this holy roller, snake-handling, barking-in-the-aisles stuff is rather a kind of fad. And if it is a fad, therefore it is a matter that does not need that much attention. It is just necessary to show some patience and kindness to people who are addicted to a certain fad.

    May his reign be short.

  5. At the 3:00 mark:
    “We all share the blame. We have all sinned. There is only one blameless, The Lord.”

    What about Mary, your Holiness??? When did she sin?

    Simple oversight or heresy???

  6. Dogmatic dementia, Tim.

  7. Hey ,I could use a hug, but is speaking in tongues a prerequisite? Maybe i should dye my hair pink and get a Bergoglio hug on TBN. That’s the ticket. You know, humility.

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