Medjugoogoo Ivan: Massachusetts Real Estate Tycoon?

[ Click on “autotranslate” link in second-to-last paragraph for real estate document report ]

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11 comments on “Medjugoogoo Ivan: Massachusetts Real Estate Tycoon?

  1. “Dear children, thank you for your wire transfers.”

  2. (fix the link: )

    An $800K house. I’m in the wrong business.

    Is Ivan the guy I hear on the radio, “Flip this house,” I think it’s called? My wife saw Ivan on TV years ago in Kansas City. He said very clearly that God didn’t want everyone to be Catholic, but for Muslims to be good Muslims, etc. Did Jorge ever go to Medj?

  3. Josefa on said:

    I have to master that pious stare looking up at….nothing.
    I got bills, too!

  4. Simple and humble little digs…..uh huh….. check them out on Google Earth.

  5. I ain’t going after the “trophy wife.” Ya know what they say about people living in glass houses …

    (P.S. St. Valentine’s Day is coming soon.)

  6. My favorite recent Ivan-ism was a secondhand quote passed along by E.Michael Jones. Apparently, Ivan was enjoying a stogey with the boys and was asked just what it was he “sees”

    Answer: “I dunno. But I think I see somethin’ .”

  7. Two sucessive Bishops and a whole Bishops Conference have declared nothing supernatural occured and still they keep trying. Bishops of a Diocese are the only competent authority on the matter. This is just one more thing to negate a Bishops authority.

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