Martyrology-February 9th
Roman Martyrology-February 9th-on this date in various years-

St. Cyril, bishop of Alexandria, confessor and doctor of the Church. His birthday was mentioned on the 28th of January.

At Alexandria, in the reign of Decius, the birthday of St. Apollonia, virgin, who had all her teeth broken out by the persecutors; then, having constructed and lighted a pyre, they threatened to burn her alive unless she
uttered with them certain i­mpious words. Deliberating a while within herself, she suddenly slipped from their grasp, and prompted by the greater fire of the Holy Ghost within her, she rushed voluntarily into the fire which they had prepared. Those responsible for her death were struck with terror at the sight of a woman who was more willing to die than they to kill her.

At Rome, the passion of the holy martyrs Alexander and thirty-eight others crowned with him.

In the village of Lamelum in Africa, the holy martyrs Primus and Donatus, deacons, who were killed by the Donatists as they guarded the altar in the church.

At Solum in Cyprus, the holy martyrs Ammonius and Alexander.

At Antioch, under Emperor Valerian, St. Nicephorus, martyr, who was beheaded and thus received the crown of martyrdom.

In the monastery of Fontanelle in France, St. Ansbert, bishop of Rouen.

At Canossa in Apulia, St. Sabinus, bishop and confessor. Blessed Pope Gregory tells that he was endowed with the spirit of prophecy and the power of miracles. After he had become blind, when a cup of poison was
offered to him by a servant who was bribed, he knew it by divine instinct. He, however, declared that God would punish the one who had bribed the servant, and, making the sign of the cross, he drank the poison without anxiety and without harmful effect.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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