Vicar of Christ or Modernist Clown?

The title of this post is presented in the form of a question for the reason that I am not qualified to judge the current occupant of the Throne of St. Peter. Having said that I must say that his words and actions since accepting the position as leader of over 1.2 billion catholics leads me to have serious doubts concerning his authenticity. Perhaps the most troubling of his ststements is the one made to journalists on the plane returning from Brazil in 2013 wherein he is reported to have said: “who am I to judge?” in regards to the actions of homosexuals.

Did not Christ say to St. Peter: I have given thee the keys to the kingdom of heaven; whatsoever thou shalt bind of earth, shall be bound in heaven and whatdoever thou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven.” Are not these words the foundation of papal authority not only for St. Peter but for all his successors until the end of time? And do not these words charge all occupants of the papacy to make judgments in accord with Christ’s commandments?

Therefore it seems to me that the pope must not only make judgments but is commanded to do so and not to do so is to refuse his role as the Vicar of Christ and not simply the bishop of Rome. It also lend fuel to the arguments of the bleepists that we are in an interregnum and have been since Pope Pius XII.

The question really needs to be answered by Jorge Mario Bergoglio who has taken the name Francis I and as a member of the Society of Jesus has taken a vow to defend the papacy. I await any signal that he is prepared to renounce the evil of Modernism, defined as the synthesis of all heresies in his encyclical Pascendi Domenici Gregis.

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11 comments on “Vicar of Christ or Modernist Clown?

  1. Of course the encyclical mentioned above is that of the holy pope, St. Pius X

  2. Is there a third choice? I don’t want to insult clowns.

  3. Three words: That’s not chocolate.
    Yes, that’s right – Poop Francis.

  4. Could this papacy (or the Vatican II church as a whole) get any more bizarre? I thought that i’ve seen it all but things just keep getting more and more strange. Lord help us.

  5. “It also lend fuel to the arguments of the bleepists that we are in an interregnum and have been since Pope Pius XII.”

    Not really. Live the theory of evolution Sedevacantism is a theory which is unproven. The first Vatican Council stated clearly that the Pope will always have a successor and those who claim otherwise fall under an anathema. The Fathers of the aforementioned Council would have understood what an interregnum was.

  6. The First Vatican Council did not say that all popes would act like popes should act and an interregnum or vacant seat exists between the death of one pope and the election of a new one. Just to be clear, I never said that Jorge wasn’t the pope but that, to me, he is not acting like the pope – i.e., the Vicar of Christ. Hopefully, someday he will recognize who he really is.

  7. We can live in hope but I am not going to hold my breath. The present Pontiff is a trial for those few faithful Catholics left in the world. I wonder when the good Lord returns will He find any faith left on earth?

  8. andrew65 on said:

    Can we replace the human one with the chocolate one? It could only be an improvement!

  9. In response to fidei’s post may I say that I believe it is our sinfulness that is the root cause of all the problems we have experienced in the church since Vatican II and even before Vatican II. In other words God gives us what we deserve. Having said that, I believe we must call a spade a spade when it comes to occupants of the Chair of Peter otherwise things will just continue to get worse. And, yes, we must pray and sacrifice in the hope that God will inspire those in charge to follow His Will and not their own. Thanks, fidei, for your post which expresses well the situation we are in.

  10. Good thing it wasn’t candy coated like an M&M…the Gay Cabal would love it…LOL I apologize….is the sailor in me that had to do it. My bad.

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