Frs Hewko and Pfeiffer Raise Man from the Dead

It appears that Frs Hewko and Pfeiffer have raised a man from the dead. I may have to re-think my stance on the Resistance.


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2 comments on “Frs Hewko and Pfeiffer Raise Man from the Dead

  1. I monitor two resistance sites weekly, Vinny.

    I’ll have to check on this.

  2. Zip on ABLF but on CI it’s trending toward bogus, in members’ opinions.

    The reporting site (although this is contested) which you referenced, Vinny, seems to be the work of “Pablo the Mexican.” Pablo has been thrown off every single resistance and SSPX site of which I am aware.

    Describing him as “unusual” would be putting it very mildly. He has claimed to have carried out exorcisms on his own authority and detests those he dubs “Anglo-Trads” for their “cowardice” and “hiding behind women’s skirts” in all matters Catholic.

    While he probably is kind to small animals and children, I wouldn’t advise taking his advice on stocks or used cars.

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