Please Continue Praying for Jack – Death is Imminent

My brother-in-law received Last Rites this morning at the hospital in North Carlolina.

Family is already with him or enroute.

Doctors can do no more. He’s comatose and not expected to live much longer.

Thank you one and all. Your prayers are deeply appreciated by his wife (my late wife’s sister), their five adult children and many grandchildren.

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4 comments on “Please Continue Praying for Jack – Death is Imminent

  1. Ave Maria x3 for Jack.

  2. Prayers from here as well.

  3. gpmtrad
    Yourself, your brother in law and your family will be remembered in my daily Rosary today.

  4. As always, to the best of the dearest of friends here, my family’s heartfelt gratitude.

    Jack entered eternal life very early this morning.

    I will put up a new post with that announcement.

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