A Warning to “Gulled” Conciliarists?

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gulls and Ravens Hunt the Pope’s Doves — Of Signs and Symbols

(Vatican) Last Sunday, 26 January, Pope Francis released two doves at the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square. A tradition. Since Paul VI, is that every year on the last Sunday in January a meeting with Catholic Action will take place. The Vaticanist Antonio Margheriti Martino watched the scene, which was brought to his attention by a reader. At first he took the hint to be exaggerated, but “if I want to read the incident symbolically, he has alerted me to something.” Here is his report:


Gulls and Ravens Kill the Pigeons of the Pope: Ominous Foreshadowing?

The walls of the Apostolic Palace with the apartments of the Pope, his home, are blessed by the centuries-long presence of the Vicar of Christ, those men with such responsibility, that they are not enviable. Walls which know the history of the world by the sighs of the Popes. The walls, which we can rightly assume that they are specially protected because they involve Peter himself.

But these walls have grown like any other walls this year. The grace seems to have left them, together with the Pope. The Vicar of Christ no longer lives there and the animals seem to sense it and so we have witnessed a sad scene that provoked horror and tears among the people in the square.

Doves as a Symbol of Peace

Italian TV showed the pictures in direct transmission, the annual flight of white doves as a symbol of peace, who rise from the window for the Angelus prayer in the Pope’s apartment. Or rather we should say today, from the window, which once belonged to the apartment of the Pope, but, as we know, is now abandoned and uninhabited. But we are doing this just once more as if it were all normal. The white dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. So the peace symbol has very special significance so from a Christian point of view.

With the Pope, as always, there were two children of Catholic Action of Rome at the window. Traditionally a boy or a girl can free the pigeon, otherwise – since Paul VI. who introduced this initiative – by the Pope himself, the two ascending white doves were a joy for everyone present at St. Peter’s Square. Their flight has been consciously or unconsciously seen as a good omen. The pigeons flew often beautiful and acrobatic tracks, accompanied by the people with wonder and applause. Often they returned and sat on the window sill in front of the Pope, which caused the Popes to make sympathetic and humorous observations. John Paul II once said: “The Holy Spirit like a dove, returns to check whether the Pope does everything well.” Benedict XVI. once said: “It is evident that the Holy Spirit wants to stay with the Pope.”

Hunting Scenes: 2013 and 2014

A year ago, just two weeks before Pope Benedict announced his resignation, a terrifying spectacle took place. For the first time the audience had to watch as one of the white pigeons was attacked by a seagull. The dove fled back into the saving protection of the papal apartment. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi announced after this scene at the first encounter with the press that the dove flew for safety to the papal apartment and was unharmed. The seagull did not dare to follow her there. The hunting scene brought an oppressive situation to expression at the time of the hostility and harassment, which was staged against the Pope.

In 2014 everything was different. The Pope did not release the white dove this time. Both pigeons were released by children. None returned to the papal apartment. So, it was as though they wanted to underline the fact that they had left the Pope’s residence, yes, the “Holy chambers” are empty. A seagull but lurked again and this time with success. The Dove of Peace was no longer protected, the windows to the papal apartment were closed. There, no one lives. No mercy, no protection. The Seagull killed the dove and dragged her away in its beak.

Gulls and Ravens against Pigeons

A pigeon was killed by a seagull and the other dove was chased by a black raven. Hunting scenes on St. Peter’s Square. If you want to look at it symbolically, then it is a clear sign of how the enemies of peace and truth increase. A year ago was the attack of a seagull which failed. This year the attack was successful. And the attacking gull was joined by a black raven, to be exact, a carrion crow, a second enemy added, engaging in the hunt for the white doves and it even tried to grab the surviving dove.

If you want to speak in images and metaphors, then there was – to be exact – a “Raven” involved year ago. A black Raven in human form which mangled Pope Benedict XVI. The “Raven” was the unfaithful servant, who abused the trust of the Pope and of his desk, from which he stole documents from the papal apartments. The valet was called “Raven”, but the actual ravens are still unrecognized, namely the manager or principal for this theft.

The wrong Icon at St. Peter’s Square

On Sunday the so-called “peace flag” was to be seen, which is used by the peace movement, at St. Peter’s Square, again. The inventor of the symbol is Aldo Capitini who resigned in 1959 from the Church and his books in which he denied the divinity of Jesus Christ, were placed on the Index of Forbidden Books of the Church because of their heresies. He flew the “flag” in 1961 for the first time at the “Peace March”. The political left quickly took hold of the “peace movement” and their symbols, which found a “home” in the Church after the Second Vatican Council in a left-Catholic milieu in which it is believed that the word “peace” alone is enough and one did not have to think further in a naive carelessness about the origin of ideological influences. This attitude is also demonstrated with this multi-colored flag at St. Peter’s Square, which is anti-Catholic, from its very creation and intention.

A flag, whose distinction from the nearly identical rainbow flag of the “gay movement” can only be appreciated connoisseurs the nearly the same rainbow flag of the gay movement, which came into existence at about the same time. If you look closely, the color ranking is reversed, the “peace flag” has seven colors, the “gay flag” only six. The “peace flag” has the white inscription “Pax” or peace. Nevertheless, they are confusingly similar and it is difficult to see this as a symbol of Christ. The gay movement is in its aim, for an open revolt against the divine order and life. But if one is to talk of symbols, then this symbol is also to be mentioned, which was shown on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square.

Gulls and ravens fell upon the pigeons of the Pope. Whoever wants to read “signs” will only be able to see an ominous premonition. Nevertheless, if one pigeon was killed, the other which was attacked by the raven, escaped. Non praevalebunt!

Gulls are described in the Old Testament as unclean animals, who attempted to feed on the sacrifice of Abraham, which was interpreted as a premonition that the descendants of Abraham would be persecuted. Persecution that Christ foretold for those who will follow Him.

Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

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2 comments on “A Warning to “Gulled” Conciliarists?

  1. La Bête de la Mer (from the Tapisserie de l’Apocalypse in Angers, France).
    A medieval tapestry, this detail of which shows the False Prophet, the Dragon, and the Beast of the Sea.

    Obviously, the two doves represent the utopian progressive modernism of the Spirit of Vatican II and the modernist belief that social justice and wealth redistribution can substitute for Christianity in Vatican II Catholicism. The gull is capitalism and the black crow represents schismatic traditionalists of the European Black Nobility ( nobiltà nera) of the Savoy Ultramontane faction in the Knights of Malta and Italian aristocracy who supported Pius IX as well as the Gaullist Lefebvrerites of Alsace-Lorraine, Brittany, and the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, who receive inspiration from Cardinal Richelieu, in their triumphalist attacks on the modernist spirit of the Council. These two forces of reaction threaten the pope’s attempts to achieve world peace and the redistribution of wealth without converting people to the Catholic faith (which is considered no longer necessary by a modernist pope eager to please the media and pose for television cameras) while aristocratic reactionaries struggle to keep civilization going amidst the secularism and managerialism of the European Union and the flaccid modernism of the Spirit of Vatican II in the Catholic Church.

    The Almighty has resorted to communicating through obvious traditional signs and omens as a biblical way of getting people’s attention and calling into question the modernist project and de-mythologization of the Rudy Bultmann type which has still been making inroads at the Gregorian and Notre Dame, symbolizing the destruction of Rome prophesied at La Salette, while the attacks by the gull and crow receive attention quite possibly as “the Warning” of the Garabandal prophecy.
    Just as surely as when lightning struck the hand of the statue of the savior in Brazil, knocking off the finger pointing toward Argentina, we must all watch and wait for the next sign. Watch for circus clowns or an appearance by the Easter Bunny with Pope Francesco in a public ceremony honoring the secular atheists who have achieved salvation without Baptism or Christ. It will all be apocalyptic Cecil B. DeMille special effects from 1950s biblical epics from here on with pop singer Madonna looking like Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch) from The Wizard of Oz which will make fundamentalists lose their minds and head for their survivalist bunkers in the hills.

    Be this as it may, the forces of reaction and monarchy will not be mocked or trivialized by the Jacobins and egalitarians of bourgeois decadence
    and the so-called Enlightenment, dumbing down the masses in preparations for the coming reign of the Antichrist.

  2. Quote: “If you want to speak in images and metaphors, then there was – to be exact – a “Raven” involved year ago. A black Raven in human form which mangled Pope Benedict XVI. The “Raven” was the unfaithful servant, who abused the trust of the Pope and of his desk, from which he stole documents from the papal apartments. The valet was called “Raven”, but the actual ravens are still unrecognized, namely the manager or principal for this theft.”

    Actually, the first sign of this period of tribulation was the old woman who tried to tackle Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter’s. This was clearly some type of prefiguration of the coming of Pope Francesco who has “tackled” Pope Benedict’s reform of the reform, putting the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum away in the Vatican II closet. Obviously someone will be able to find this in the quatrains of Nostradamus.
    A son of Bavaria falls in the city of the seven hills,
    white-haired friend of the ancient tongue,
    tumbled over by a mad shrew of vain ambition
    after the comet runs, carrion on the Tiber

    It could also have been viewed as the wrath of the sacred feminine fantasized in the Dan Brown comicbook novel The Da Vinci Code. Perhaps the black crow represents the wrath of the sacred feminine, also referred to as the gnostic Sophia, and represented in the past by Lilith, Ishtar, and Medusa. The black crow attacking a dove in St. Peter’s Square would then symbolize a coming greater role of masculine, aggressive progressive modernist women of the Pelosi type in leadership roles in the Church, hen-pecking the dove (the Holy Ghost).

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