Prayer Request Update

With sincerest thanks to all who have been praying for Jack, Julie, Margaret, Rene and Conrad.

Latest as of this evening:

Jack – back in ICU. Surgery a week + ago may have helped but only temporarily (congestive HF/stroke)

Julie – successful abdominal surgery Wed. to remove 10″ mass, lengthy recovery (Type 1 diabetes)

Margaret – likely “helpful” eye surgery but risk of loss of sight in afflicted eye still high, remains in severe pain / nausea, unable to use pain or anti-nausea Rx, weeks more of same ahead.

Rene – surgery sched. 29 Jan. (Heart) Rene is a devout Maronite mother. Very guarded prognosis.

Conrad – diag. unknown, still being worked up by immune docs. Fevers, severe joint pain since before Christmas. Unable to return to work, so far.

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