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[ Just tossing this up for everyone’s enjoyment. There has been a recent upsurge among NO clerics, Catholic Answers-style “canonist wannabes” and other garden-variety yahoos joining Facebook forums upon which Trads post. The Modernists act in a peculiarly similar manner: They got through the usual motions of saying how much they “wuv” tradition and respect it, blah blah blah, and then move on to just “ask a question” to get things rolling. Within a day or two of joining up, they have the entire forum in a Chinese Fire Drill, tying up the best writers and most thoughtful posters with an endless series of provocations, calling Trads “schismatics” and “BLEEPS!” and all sort of other unsavory names. Anyway, these hypocritical frauds do appear to be part of the Joint Operations assault to which I alluded the other day, which includes CDF, El Che hisself, the media and these blog trolls. One feller had a terrific, on-point answer today for these agent provocateur and here it is…. ]

” I was just re-reading a lot of the comments on here and laughing aloud. I dare — triple dog dare!! — each of you critics of the SSPX to spend as much effort and time going to your Bishops’ FB pages, the Twitter feeds, emails, heck even their actual offices and bad-mouth all of the demonic filth they have allowed (explicitly or implicitly) in their jurisdictions since Vatican II. I beg you to lambaste them for catechesis that has yielded a mere 25-30% belief in the Real Presence. And majority support for gay marriages. For personal use of artificial birth control. For altar girls, nuns in pantsuits defying orders (since that’s a big pet peeve here, apparently), for that matter, the disobedience of a good number of these Ordinaries in accommodating Summorum Pontificum! What about that disobedience? Does that incur them latae sententiae excommunication? Hmmmm? Covering up (and perhaps even participating in) child molestation? You all are honestly calling for obedience to the disobedient and think you have a moral high ground. Amazing. But please, go spend that time and energy, speak to them the way you’re speaking to your fellow faithful Catholics here, maybe even tell them you won’t tithe, give financial support of any kind, or even keep sending your kids to “Catholic” schools which are staffed and run by heretics, homosexuals, heathens, and humbugs. Let me know what happens.”

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12 comments on “A Notable Quotable

  1. I think the good Archbishop Lefebvre said ( to paraphrase) that it was ” never about submission to obedience, but submission to doctrine”.
    I think adherence to traditional Magisterial teaching and true doctrine is obedience- not obedience to ” what’s happening now” in NO land.
    I wonder who’s hiring the trolls -certainly they must be getting paid

  2. I expect some are and some are just crazy enough to “believe” in what they are doing.

  3. My God is not a mean God. He does not trifle with people’s attachment to the traditions handed down by the apostles. He does not forbid what one of His Vicars established in perpetuity nearly five centuries ago. He does not require a “permit” for licit celebration/comferring of sacraments in the traditional rite of Holy Mother Church. He does not say one day something is evil, in fact an abomination, and then wink at it even in His Holy Church and among His clerics. He does not say a man and a woman are married one day and then change His mind a few days, weeks, months and even years later. He does not say the taking of innocent human life in the womb or out of it is murder, the fifth commandment, and the later say it’s a right of the woman to choose. He does not say outside of His Church there is no salvation and then later say there are other ways to achieve it. He does not say: “Go, ye therefore, and teach all nations all that I have revealed to thee, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit” and then later say do not convert the unbelievers. No, my God is not a mean God. He is all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful and all-merciful and He will come again to take us home. What do the modernists believe? Why do they persecute us for adhering to the Faith? Why does our holy father not defend us in the strongest possible terms in these perilous times?

  4. Can’t find this website by pasting the quoted words right in google, and there is no link provided with this post. Where does this quote come from?

  5. I should not have used quotation marks for I was paraphrasing Jesus’s words to his disciples as written in the New Testament. If I can find them and transfer them to a post later today, I’ll do so. Apologies everyone.

  6. The bible passages I had in mind are taken from the Douay-Rheims bible, Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 28, Verses 18 & 19. I can’t copy and paste them using this i-phone. Sorry.

  7. I wasn’t referring to your comment, phaley, but to the post itself. I was wanting to view the whole broohaha, but there’s no link given, nor do the googled words give any result other than Angelqueen. Gpm, this isn’t a case of putting down what you wished you had said, is it? (I do that, like, every day!) If so, it’s pretty good!

  8. All those errors that were listed in the sample post actually are things that the modernists like. They are not Catholics anymore, if they ever were. But they don’t even know this. The Vatican II hierarchy of the last 40+ years have directly caused the loss of countless souls by their dereliction of duty. But Facebook is not the place to have serious discussions.

  9. 98 out of 99 times, you’re absolutely right, cf.

    I only joined FB and maintained a “friends” inventory of one family member and two close friends in order to ease communications when they were on the road and it was that way for a number of years.

    I was invited by some AQ members and a friend in Catholic publishing to join two, and then a third, “closed” and “private” traditionalist / theological discussion sites last year. On these sites are Catholic writers, attorneys, canonists, historians and the like, along with a slowly-added but tiny number of people “vetted” by members as to their theological seriousness and acumen.

    One note, a number of corporations and professionals in various fields do use FB form marketing and PR reasons and with good effect.

    Of course, it’s most famous for sixteen-year-olds letting everyone know that they’re at Mickey D’s, downing Cokes and listening to that execrable Bieber creature, so, no, I’m not making a carte blanche recommendation.

    As with much else, it can be put to a decent purpose – or not.

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