Are there not 500 trads out there that could give $500.00? Or 1000 that could give $250.00? They need $250K.

Urgent! Please help save Fisher More College. The students are pleading for your help. Catholic young adults who need and crave a Traditional Catholic College Education beg your assistance. Fisher More is the only accredited Traditional Catholic four year college in North America. Please see the appeal below from the students themselves. And please help them save their College. Thank you.- John Vennari, Catholic Family News

Students’ Appeal for Fisher More

Fisher More College – short for the College of Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More – is a small, Catholic, liberal arts college in its third year of operation. The college’s goal is to provide the best education and atmosphere possible at an affordable price for young adults from all family situations, without incurring the debt so many plunge into simply to attend college. This is made possible by charging a tuition of only $5,000 per semester, with scholarships available to those who still cannot afford the full amount without going into debt.

The college, as a whole, believes in the importance of obtaining a thorough education in order to lay a good foundation that will succeed in the modern world, where both education and foundation are crucial. This is why the college is willing to work with each students’ individual financial needs, so that all may reach the education they deserve.

However, our college, being young, relies greatly at this stage upon the generosity of others. This is why we, the students of Fisher More, are reaching out for help. Up until the last few days, we believed we had lined up the funds necessary to continue our mission and carry our school through the next semester and beyond. Unexpectedly and disastrously these did not pull through, and we are left facing the closure of our college, just days before we expected to be starting our next semester! We have two days before our Alma Mater closes its doors and leaves many students without a college.

If our goal is reached, the college will be able continue with normal operations and we with our education. But if not, if Fisher More closes its doors, many of its students will not be able to afford such an education elsewhere, and not only currently attending students, but also the many students who were previously planning to attend.

We students will not let our Alma Mater go down without a fight! Please help us save our school, for our sakes, as well as those to come! Every dollar counts. Every donation, no matter how small, is one step in the right direction. Please help us, and keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours. God bless you!

go to Fisher More donation page – also, see student video at this page:

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  1. Fisher More College not only offers its students a solid education perfectly aligned with Catholic tradition, but an opportunity to live a life of grace as Christians faithful to their baptismal vows. The sincere devotion of the students, faculty and staff to Christ, the Word of God made Flesh and Who dwells among them in the Tabernacle of their beautiful chapel, center of the College, is both edifying and encouraging. Fisher More College is a beacon of light in a dark and frightful world, and the good people there who strive to become, and to form, saints, deserve our support.

    Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus!

  2. The students have raised $51,556 to date. They have until Tuesday at midnight to reach their goal. This is an “ALL OR NOTHING” campaign. If they do not reach their goal, they do not collect any of the donations pledged to date. The average donation amounts to approximately $217 at this time. If just 1000 more people would contribute $200 each, the students would be assured to reach their goal. 1000 people is really not that any in the whole scheme of things. Please, please consider donating or sharing this with someone you think might be willing and capable of helping the students out. Any and all donations – no matter the size – will help the students get that much closer to their goal. They have received donations anywhere from $7 to $5000 and are very appreciative of each and everyone of these donations.

    I a a parent of one of the students who started this campaign. I watched first hand while this grassroots effort of the students began. This effort was entirely started by the students, independent of any adult influence, because they love their school and wanted to do whatever they could to help save it. These students are some of the most amazing kids I have ever met. With virtually no business experience or fundraising experience, they were able to throw together this fundraising campaign. And they did not stop with setting up the GoFundMe sight. In addition, they have been emailing and calling philanthropists, Catholic business owners, local business owners, local radio stations and local news stations. They are working tirelessly until all hours of the night on trying to raise the needed funds. One day, these kids will be a great asset to whatever company hires them!

    Please, please, please help them out. Help them find just 1000 people who can donate at least $200 each to help them meet their goal by Tuesday evening.

    May God bless you and reward you for helping these students.

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