Please Pray for Rene

I was just informed by a friend in Buffalo of the possible imminent passage into eternal life of Rene, a devout Maronite wife and mother, due to heart disease. He is enroute with a diocesan pilgrim Virgin statue to be with the family.

Thank you for your charity, my friends.

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3 comments on “Please Pray for Rene

  1. Prayers for Rene and family as well as Julie and her family.
    My dad just got diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease which my father-in-law has had for years.
    Can we add Tara Chapman and her family to the list, please? She’s 6 and has a brain tumor and is in poor condition. Thank you.

  2. Both are now on the list, adoro te. I am sorry to hear about your dad and the little lady.

    Many thanks for your prayers for Julie and her family.

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