Is Fr. Jonathan Morris brain dead?

[Fr. Morris says the determination of death is not something we leave up to faith or religion but rather the consensus of medical experts]

You’re not helping!

Posted on January 7, 2014

The misstatements by various religious on the matter of Jahi McMath, the poor girl who fell into a coma following tonsil surgery last month, is not helping matters.


Much like the drama laiden grandmother in a State Farm commercial who tells her son, “Six callers on hold in line in front of us, Jimmy.” Her son responds, righty:

“You’re not helping!”

Fr Morris is NOT helping here! His statements on Fox News yesterday were both clear as mud, less than precise when it comes to definitions of death according to Catholic magisterial teaching, as well as presumption against the Holy Ghost, one sin Christ said is unforgivable.

It’s cruel and untruthful for Fr Morris to tell the audience (and her family) Jahi’s soul is already in heaven. He has nothing verifiable to base that upon. I hope his bishop was watching and gives him a call for some charitable fraternal correction.

He also defers to “science” by majority vote as the arbiter if the child is alive or dead, yet it is that same politically and anti-Christian driven medical group-think that has led us to the unscientific “brain dead” criterion which is imprecise and based on nothing resembling the scientific method.

What these faux “bioethicists” do is neither mesasurable, repeatable nor objective. That’s what the scientific method is. Jahi’s problem is exactly in the area of philosophy and theology, the “queen of sciences”, if only Fr Morris would look and see.

For a good and thorough treatment of this topic, see Prof Dianne Irving’s precision laiden body of work…including why secular bioethics has nothing to do with Catholic ethics. It’s a good read, Fr Morris.

Think Jahi’s fate is bad? Wait till the Death Panels start implementing health care rationing, as it surely will come, under socialistic Obamacare…

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4 comments on “Is Fr. Jonathan Morris brain dead?

  1. “Is Fr. Jonathan Morris brain dead”?

    I don’t know, but he (like any other modernist or neocon) definitely is theologically “dead””. All one has to do is attend a Novus Ordo funeral service to see that the person who just died is, according to the conciliar church, in Heaven. I think Father Morris tows the neocon line, especially when he is on Fox News.

  2. Spiritual death is when the soul leaves the body and no one can tell exactly when this happens. Other definitions of death pertain to the physical functions of the human body and that is left up to the medical examiners who issue the certificate of death. Fr. Morris has no business making decisions regarding who is in heaven already and who is not. He is playing to the sensitivities of the family involved. But what I’ve said represents what I’ve been taught prior to Vatican II. I leave it to the readers to determine their position on this matter.

  3. I doubt that just because he is a commentator on Fox that he can be assigned a political affiliation like “neocon.” He has been a spokesman for the good Cardinal Dolan and these comments do not surprise me at all, considering the propaganda machine associated with the New York Cardinal. I think that we all need to look at what’s happening here and in the Terry Schivo case a few years back. Once the government takes over healthcare, we will have “death panel’s” and we will be facing this situation on a more frequent time table. If a child were determined by science to be brain dead in the womb would it be okay to abort the child? How does Father Morris feel about that?

  4. I am not a medical expert nor have I played one on TV, but I can declare Morris Brain Dead. He is providing cover for all the Terry Schiavio killers to do it again.

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