Pope to FFI: OBEY Volpi!


In visit to Roman Basilica, Pope tells Franciscans
of the Immaculate to cooperate with Commissioner Volpi

On the first day of the year, “Solemnity of Mary Mother of God” in the Paul VI Calendar, Pope Francis visited his Basilica of Saint Mary Major for the seventh time in his pontificate. A community of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate has been attached to the Liberian Basilica for some time, and the Pope also briefly talked to them during this surprise visit.

From Italian news agency AGI:

(Salvatore Izzo) On the occasion of his seventh visit to Saint Mary Major, on Wednesday afternoon, Pope Francis met a group of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who serve in the Liberian Basilica, exhorting them to “cooperate [collaborare] with the Commissioner” to whom the leadership of the Institute has been entrusted since last July, AGI has learned. On December 8, when welcoming him at Saint Martha, Francis had wished to personally encourage Capuchin Fidenzio Volpi, secretary of the Italian Conference of Superiors General, to whom the Congregation for Religious gave full powers after having removed the Founder following internal conflicts in the Institute in matters of liturgy (he wished it to be celebrated in Latin) [sic], but also for reasons of administration and excessive authoritarianism regarding the religious. [sic].

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5 comments on “Pope to FFI: OBEY Volpi!

  1. So, five liberal traitors against hundreds of devout, placid, saintly members have turned this into an exercise to correct “excessive authoritarianism” BY IMPOSING HOUSE ARREST ON AN OCTOGENARIAN MONK AND WREAKING NOVUS ORDO SPIRITUAL HAVOC on the rest of the community?

    My hope is the FFI openly unites with the SSPX and straps Volpi onto an ass, seated backwards, and packs him off into the hills…

    • After 20+ years of sleepwalking through weekly NOs, I found an indult TLM and it felt like I imagine my Purgatory release date will. For years after that, the occasional NO (for family peace reasons) was Chinese water torture and an occasion of sin (thoughts of murder and mayhem). NOTHING can make you want and need the TLM like being forced to endure the NO. ( Now I offer up the NO pain for souls in Purgatory.) The persecution of these holy monks and nuns by Rome will backfire, just like the persecution of Christians by emperors and kings.

  2. Will we soon see a redux in the FSSP? Recall the similar uprising years ago. I’m sure the FSSP traitors in the wings are taking notes.

    And yes, the irony of “excessive authoritarianism” is telling. Gotta suppress those little monsters, to borrow a papal phrase.

  3. St. Athanasius, St.Thomas Aquinas, Saints Peter and Paul intercede for us.

  4. Re. Cyprian’s citation of Che Bergoglio’s lexicon (i.e., “little monsters.”)

    Taking the theological warfare out of it for a moment, the use of such insulting language by any superior of any organization is an indication of both stupidity and disdain for any “opinion” but his own.

    This is the gutter language alluded to by his far left Argie pals of old, who merely chuckle at his “earthiness”.

    If Norman Mailer was supposed to be the pope, I expect he had enough deluded liberal fans in the hierarchy to have made it so, somehow. However, I don’t think even the conniving, twisted minds that ran the conclave scam in March last year were expecting such a scatalogical reincarnation quite this soon.

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