Unlawful Relations?

Church tradition? Moral dogma? Changeable discipline?

Guess it depends on what tradition you follow.

But what do I know?


The NFP’ers and TOB’ers would lose their minds.

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3 comments on “Unlawful Relations?

  1. Theology, as it was presented to me before 1962, was the study of God and His attributes. Nowhere was there any mention of man so these terms TOB & TOW are inventions of the modern mind and have nothing to do with Theology per se. It is like the concepts of universal salvation, ecumenism, or collegiality which arose out of Vatican II. To my mind these concepts require defending the indefensible and supporting the unsupportable. Modern Man inserted himself in the domain of the Almighty in the period 1962 – 1965 and we are, in my opinion, much the worse because of it. This pope appears to defend the indefensible and support the unsupportable in terms of his relations with other than traditional catholics so I will not jump on his band-wagon. I hope readers will understand my position whether or not they agree with me.

  2. I should also like to add Happy New Year to one and all.

  3. Thanks for this clear explanation, phaley. TOB, and now TOW, don´t make Catholic sense to me, but I never got myself to explain why. I wish I could have come up with some explanation as yours.

    Happy new year to all

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