O Council, Where is Thy Infallibility?

In any event, what we now have before us in the conciliar decrees is a nearly 200,000 word exposition (in the English translation) wherein authentic Catholic doctrine (the majority of the text) is commingled with propositions that would have been condemned outright less than a decade earlier.

So, what shall we do now?

Well, if you’re a modernist hell bent on constructing the church-of-man, or an ill-formed and under-nourished Catholic who just doesn’t know any better, the answer is obvious:

Canonize the pope who lit the match to God’s House, fast track the cause of the successor who doused it with gasoline, treat the entire regrettable disaster as if it fell to earth like rain from Heaven, and await the coming of a new springtime.

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6 comments on “O Council, Where is Thy Infallibility?

  1. We need all traditional catholics to get together under one leader and form a new Council to throw the bums out. It has been done before in the history of the Church and it needs to be done now. Problem is – traditional catholics are not unified under one leader and there is no one with the quinones to assume that role. I can’t do it; I’m an old, retired and disabled lay person without the necessary “canonical position” to get the job done but I can and will speak out concerning the need to do so. Which of these illustrious shepherds of the Church has the quinones to act? Anyone?

  2. Please correct my term “quinones” to “cojones” in my posts. I mistranslated the term.

  3. With all due respect to His Excellency I do not see this syllabis coming from today’s modernist-dominated hierarchy. Things have gotten too bad and a new council and pope are necessary. May the Good Lord provide in this regard.

  4. Today is not my day. The correct spelling is “syllabus” for the above post.

  5. Not surprising that Athanasius (!) Schneider is stationed in Kazakhstan.

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