CFN Special Report: The Martini Pope

The Martini Pope
by John Vennari

In the 2005 Conclave that elected Ratzinger to the papacy, Cardinal Bergolgio was not only the leading contender, but “the votes of Martini’s supporters, along with others, converged at the time precisely on Bergoglio. Eight years later, in March of 2013, it was again the ‘martiniani’ who backed the election of Bergoglio as pope. This time with success”

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2 comments on “CFN Special Report: The Martini Pope

  1. Is “martiniani” a synonym for “modernists?” Methinks so. The fact of the matter is the modernists have invaded the church along with the “smoke of Satan”. One cannot simply throw out 2,000 years of perennial magisterium without the most drastic consequences. “The pope will have much to suffer”.. but so will the people. Incredible how these modernists attempt to fool people! Where are the brains of all those priests, bishops and cardinals that were ordained when the immemorial Latin Mass was still the standard? How could they simply discard the Mass and the magisterium that preceded the takeover by the modernist factions? I would not want to have to answer these questions on Judgment Day but, apparently, they could care less.

  2. I’d say rather the “Vodka Pope”. I mean as in “two quarts a day”.

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