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CDF Prefect Müller: “Lefebvrians are de facto schismatic”, Liberation Theology founder “has always been orthodox”

From the interview granted by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Abp. Gerhard Müller, to Italian daily Corriere della Sera, published this Sunday:

With the failure of discussions, what is the position of the Lefebvrians?

“The canonical excommunication due to the illicit [episcopal] ordination was lifted from the bishops, but the sacramental one remains, de facto, for the schism; because they have removed themselves away from communion with the Church. That being said, we do not close the door, ever, and we invite them to reconcile. But they also must change their approach and accept the conditions of the Catholic Church and the Supreme Pontiff as the ultimate criterion of belonging.”

What can you say about the meeting between Francis and [Fr. Gustavo] Gutiérrez on September 11?

“Theological currents go through difficult moments, things are debated and clarified. But Gutiérrez has always been orthodox. We Europeans must get over the notion of being the center, without, on the other hand, underestimating ourselves. To broaden the horizons, to find a balance: I have learned this from him. Opening up to a concrete experience: seeing povery and also the joy of the people. A Latin American Pope has been a heavenly sign. Gustavo was overwhelmed. I was as well. And also Francis.”

(Source, in Italian; tip: Il Blog di Raffaella)

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5 comments on “WAR!

  1. Naturally, that then-CDF prefect Josef Cd. Ratizinger, later the pope, said the exact opposite – more than once – means nothing at all.

  2. I read the Scripture cycle annually as part of the daily office and I am struck each time with the apostasy of God’s people of Israel in the Old Testament under a succession of wicked kings. I keep thinking about the poor faithful Israelites who lived under the shocking betrayal of faith all around them. They could not see hundreds of years into the future to the reforms under the last kings of Israel, reforms that came all too late to avert God’s wrath, but at least saved that particular generation from the worst heresies. But the apostasy had gone on so long that God’s judgement came in the form of the virtual annihilation of Israel under foreign invaders.
    All of this, of course, looked forward to God’s real solution in the coming of Our Blessed Lord and the New Covenant.

    But thinking back to those faithful souls living in the midst of the apostasy makes me think of our current times. We can’t see the final unfolding of God’s plan but we must trust Him. Those faithful Israelites had no alternative but to remain in the state of Israel. Joining another group was not an option because the surrounding nations were even worse than Israel and definitely pagan. Israel was God’s chosen and there were no alternatives but to live the faith among apostates.
    We now live in the New Israel of God – the Holy Catholic Church and we have no alternative. The Protestants tried alternatives and created an unholy mess that gets worse by the day.
    So though we have too many weak or apostate leaders in our New Israel we can’t leave, we can only live and fight for the truth right where we are among God’s people.

  3. ““The canonical excommunication due to the illicit [episcopal] ordination was lifted from the bishops, but the sacramental one remains, de facto, for the schism; because they have removed themselves away from communion with the Church.”

    ## How is that not doubletalk ?

    • Strange how only 12 months ago the concept of “partial communion” was all the rage, with it being extended to out and out heretics such as Lutherans etc. Now they have rediscovered ideas like excommunication and not being in communion with the Church when it comes to those traditional Catholics who simply believe what the Church has always taught.

      Meanwhile heretics and schismatics like Kasper are in good standing because he wrote a book that the Pope liked.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  4. I certainly accept the Supreme Pontiff as the ultimate criterion of belonging [to the Catholic Church. The Supreme Pontiff formally removed the excommunications of the Society Bishops. Unless the current pontiff has issued a new excommunication, none now exists. I am not a Canon lawyer, but as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as a “sacramental excommunication”. Müller certainly knows this. I can’t think of any reason to be saying such things, other than to do the work of Satan.

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