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7 comments on “WHO SAID IT: MARX OR FRANCIS? (Take the Quiz!)

  1. Walter Williams has a good reply to our anti-capitalist pope.

  2. Excellent piece, Cyprian. Thanks!

    Walt’s good people!

  3. I got 82%…..i was quite surprised!

  4. The pope is practicing liberation theology where every capitalist is a demon and every socialist is a saint. I wonder where he’d be if the capitalists and the entepreneurs were not paying his bills in terms of their donations to the Church. But that is irrelevant, really, to the main issue which is – he needs to stick to the practicing of the Faith instead of socieo-economic discussions that really go nowhere.

  5. Keep in mind that the whole game for this crowd is “leveling”. St. Pius X warned of it, implicitly, when His Holiness spoke of the downgrading of the supernatural to some immanent, personal, “democratized” conceit by which individuals, always in need of constant urging to go higher – through doctrine – in the spiritual life, would be “taught”, instead, to be satisfied with their more base natural inclinations and substitute what is wholly anthropocentric (which would include materialistic satisfactions) for the divine.

    As His Holiness stated, it would be the end of ALL religion, a movement begun much earlier by the protestant revolution, the trajectory of which leads ultimately to practical atheism and a dominant materialistic mindset.

    The West had already arrived at that point by the late 19th Century with the onset of communist uprisings and the spread of liberalism throughout Europe and the US.

    Whatever it is that Francis actually knows of economics he learned from “levelers.”

    And one can only “teach” what one knows.

    I urge everyone to read Walter Williams’ piece. He does not, like Francis and the rest of the Left, try to make an economic theory into a “theology”. And he makes very plain at the outset that capitalism, at its most successful, is still no substitute for sound theology.

    And there is only one place such things can be learned – IN the Catholic Church, WHEN She teaches according to sound philosophy and Her perennial Magisterium. Neither of which, unlike Francis, ever have or ever could gainsay the reality that men are NOT equal and yet all DO benefit when those with financial and technical and industrial and administrative talents combine those talents freely in the manufacture of valuable goods and services, unencumbered by tyrants.

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