Divorced people soon to receive sacraments, says cardinal Walter Kasper

Source: Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

Divorced people soon to receive sacraments, says cardinal

(AGI) Berlin, Dec 12 – People who have been divorced and remarried will once again soon be able to receive sacraments, said Cardinal Walter Kasper in an interview with the weekly magazine Die Zeit. Kasper, who is a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, spoke of the need for reforms on issues that require change and open mindedness from the Catholic Church. He emphasized that those who married for a second time should be able to fully participate in the Church’s life. (AGI)

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18 comments on “Divorced people soon to receive sacraments, says cardinal Walter Kasper

  1. Kasper the Goat up to his old satanic tricks again. Maybe the Church really is headed for schism this time.

  2. 75% of Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence and when they go to Mass (Christmas and maybe Easter) receive Communion regardless of how many marriages they’ve had. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  3. If there’s going to be a schism, I hope it’s between Modernism and Tradition since there’s already a de facto schism out there. Let all the religious take sides and let the chips fall where they may. (Sarcasm, of course). But, if this was a real possibility, and the money was in the balance then maybe Rome would come to its senses. Think so? Nah, I thought so.

  4. If this comes through, then the annulment process will fall out of existence because no one would bother to get an annulment if the church allows divorce and remarriage. I am beginning to see that the trads are going to have to maintain the true faith if the mainline church gives in on doctrine, faith and morals. If this passes, then what else will pass? It will be like the episcopal church–a hang out for anyt hing goes that is, anything except true Catholicism.

  5. Since when has Kasper been a member of the CDF? Did Mueller bring him in?

  6. Until the leftist Revolution of 1962, the Church’s precision, circumspection and caution in dealing with virtually ANY matter, but most especially ecclesiology and sacramental theology, was the standard by which discourse could be measured. Idiotic public remarks were a rarity and heretics were silenced if not immediately excommunicated as an example to all.

    Today, 24/7 “official newspeak” of the most sordid nature goes unchecked, largely, I fear, because the true watchdogs are exiled or dead, replaced by PC apparatchiks.

    Phaley mentioned schism. A true scholar could probably articulate a concise case demonstrating widespread apostasy of the sort Cd. Ciappi told us would begin at the very top.

    Literate Catholics live daily under a hierarchical “cloud” which, unlike the first 1900 years of Church history, is no longer luminescent. Instead, darkness enshrouds the downpour of error, ecumaniacal pacifism and degrading compromise with the world.

    • darkness enshrouds the downpour of error

      Our Lord said the days would be shortened or nobody would be saved. I don’t know if we’re in the end times, but there’s reason to hope this deluge will be mercifully shortened. In the meantime, everything’s going to get a lot worse before Our Lady converts Russia and ends the errors.

  7. Is it nasty of me to actually ask that Almighty God will send His judgement down upon these heretics and prevent them from doing yet more untold damage to the crumbling faith that exists in most parishes?

    Please Lord stop them!

    What they are doing is sending out such a dangerous message to the Catholic laity and causing such confusion. The shepherds are betraying the sheep. This is treason at the highest levels in the Church!

  8. As you know probably better than anyone here, fidei, there is always the sensus fidei upon which to call.

    Many of us here were, at some point, heading out with the “Enterprise” version of the Church, going where no man had gone before – before we realized we were actually on the back lot of a bankrupt movie studio and lit out for the pastures of Tradition.

    It can happen for others, as well.

  9. “Literate Catholics live daily under a hierarchical “cloud” which, unlike the first 1900 years of Church history, is no longer luminescent. Instead, darkness enshrouds the downpour of error, ecumaniacal pacifism and degrading compromise with the world.”

    What an image.

  10. Look, Kasper, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t be married and divorced at the same time and present yourself for Communion as one living according to the laws of God and His Church. You can’t be bi-ritual celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while, at the same time, acting as “the president of the people’s assembly.” You cannot be both a heretic and a Catholic at the same time. So, drop the subterfuge and announce that you are no longer Catholic and are resigning you position as cardinal and bishop of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. At least, then, you will be honest with yourself and relieve us from the burden of trying to explain your remarks to those who hold to the perennial magisterium.

  11. Jesus is permitting this seeming destruction of His Church. We all know the Fatima “secret” and the many warnings from Our Lady about a great apostasy. In the past, heretics would leave the Church. There are many among the current senior hierarchy who have never been faithful Catholics. Communists, satanists and heretics of all types, especially modernists, infiltrated the Church in the 20th Century, and some of these men now hold high positions. Kaspar has long ago shown himself to be one of these. We should try not to get angry–we must offer this suffering to Jesus through Our Lady.

  12. Of course there is such a thing as justified anger and that is the case with respect to Kasper who was a student of one Hans Kung of infamous memory. It’s not so much about Kasper himself but the damage he can do to minds not firmly grounded in the Faith. We should be angry at him and others of his kind who attempt to obfuscate church teaching and lead others to the path of destruction.

  13. gpmtrad,

    You said that before 1962 “Idiotic public remarks were a rarity”.

    It seems to me that idiotic public remarks are becoming the norm!

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