Time for a Trad March on Washington? (Ukraine Leads the Way!)

Well, we can just sit here year after year watching the sodomite / socialist sludge being ladled out by the USCCCP. That is one option.

Another – march on the HQ of the USCCCP and topple their statue of the Koran-smacker, chase out all their harridan apparatchiks (they can go to work for the Hillary ’16 campaign) and give a few mitred blunders a swift boot in the a** (a la Toby Keith).

The Ukraine is leading the way!


Meanwhile, back at the Politburo, these same fellow travelers are sacking a good man while idolizing a racist commie mass murderer…


Saturday, December 7, 2013

USCCB Slobbers Over Mandela While Firing Honest Columnist

The liberal hierarchy of the Church establishment continues to spew forth accolades to the late Nelson Mandela. Predictably, the president of the USCCB has joined in the cheerleading. The USCCB webpage has the statement from Archbishop Kurtz. Among other things he said, “Nelson Mandela was a light for peace and equality in his country and for the whole world.”

Pardon my french, but how could he utter that crap with a straight face? Does a “light for peace” open the floodgates for abortion and sodomy in his own country? Perhaps by “light” he meant that coming from gasoline-filled tires around the necks of executed South African citizens.

Meanwhile, Adam Smith, Fox News Commentator, was dismissed from his other position as movie reviewer at the Catholic News Service – which is, of course, controlled by the USCCB. And what was his “high crime and misdemeanor”? He takes umbrage with some of Pope Francis’ “off-the-cuff” remarks and likens him to Obama. Well, the USCCB took umbrage at Smith. One must wonder if the USCCB took similar swift actions against previous movie reviews (e.g. Harry Forbes) for their overly-lenient reviews of “Brokeback Mountain”, “The Golden Compass” and rather derogatory review of the “Passion of the Christ”? Harry Forbes stayed on for several years after his Brokeback slopjob. Let’s hope the USCCB doesn’t bring him back to fill Smith’s slot (I wouldn’t put it past them).

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December 8, 2013

Sign me up !!!!

December 8, 2013

It all sounds great. But I believe we might need Tar and Red feathers if we are going to ride them out of town. Cabs are two good for the likes of that rabble, I would suggest some scooters. They would be the perfect transportation with the tar and feathers for guys who wear red dresses.

We definitely need an overwatch capability. We will need suppressed sniper rifles 308 cal with proper scopes for the mission. If we can’t get the proper rifles, marshmallow guns will do!!

The necessary libations can be carried on our CamelBak hydration kits and filled at local watering holes along the way.

Private biz-jets need to be utilized since we will not be exposed to any TSA or spies that the bishops may have at airports.

As far as the statues, Area 51 security has just informed me that they are overloaded with aliens and cannot store anymore. That goes for the guys in the red feathered tar wearing dresses also.

Awaiting your top secret flash message to all comands.

December 8, 2013