A False Dichotomy: Progressive vs. Integral Catholicism

An exquisitely expressed exposition of just why (1) George Weigel needs to get a life, and (2) Monsignor J.C. Fenton’s cause for canonization should begin immediately!

[ A brief quote from “Boniface”, author and publisher of UnamSanctamCatholicam website ]

“Those orthodox Catholics who continue to insist that Vatican II ushered in a new springtime of rich fruits for the Church have a difficult time when it comes to dealing with the pre-Vatican II Church of the early twentieth century. On the one hand, these orthodox Catholics who insist on uniformity and continuity cannot simply reject out of hand everything that came before Vatican II as the liberal-dissenting-progressives do; on the other hand, in order to maintain the proposition that Vatican II was necessary and has borne good fruit, they must find some sort of flaw or fault or deficiency with the pre-Conciliar Church that would justify the Council and its subsequent reforms. Thus, in an attempt to establish this via media, these Catholics have invented the dichotomy between a liberal modernism and a reactionary “integralism” on the other, positing that the Church of Christ must steer a “middle course” between these two extremes.”


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4 comments on “A False Dichotomy: Progressive vs. Integral Catholicism

  1. John Vennari has also treated well of this matter:


  2. The neo-cons— for want of a better term–have to impugn the infallibility of the great pre-conciliar encyclicals and other Magisterial teachings of the 19th and early 20h centuries in order to keep their bona fides as loyal Catholics. The fact that these teachings conflict with the comfortable connubium established with radical capitalists and the Baptist/Pentacostal dual dispensationalist crowd causes much hand wringing and squirming and red cheeked embarassment for George and Michael. We Catholics should never submit the Faith to an analysis or reconstruction derived from any secular political philosophy or the agenda of any political party. Especially in the Masonic USA.

  3. Well said, pedroarbues!

  4. I was just listening to this little clip a day or two ago from the late Fr. Bolduc. Reading this brought it back to my mind.


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