Akita Go BOOM! (Another one bites the dust)


This is merely an FYI in case someone wandered onto AQ “believing” in the phony “apparitions of Akita.”

The article in French stipulates that medical tests turned up THREE DIFFERENT BLOOD TYPES from what were purported to be exuded matter from the statue which became a prop for the allegations.

So, as popes of yore would say when the umpteenth “holy seer” or “miracle of the week” was brought to their attention – “Buh bye!”

Or, in this case, “Sayonara, Cholly!”

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6 comments on “Akita Go BOOM! (Another one bites the dust)

  1. More like “pop” than “boom”. It helps to check the source which is another of those belonging to what my wife has described as “A Loose Association of the Terminally Disaffected”.

  2. I sure wish someone would make a final pronouncement about Medjugorje.

    I am very uneasy about what seems to come from there. Yet so many, including apparently sane, orthodox Catholics, believe in it.

    Actually, someone might start saying the same sort of thing about the statements of our current Pope.

    • Medjagoo is final already. That doesn’t deter Rome from regurgitating it again and again. The lawlessness since the Council that’s brought us wonders such as girl altar boys and topless lectresses may yet lead to a canonized heretical gospa. They won’t, however, discuss the reasons for the Bishop of Mostar’s condemnation, the “messages,” nor emeritus papa’s defrocking of the philandering inventor of the whole fiasco. Oh, but the “fruits” … and nuts.

  3. Bishop Zanic – the only guy in the whole Church in 1981 with the authority to decide – did exactly that when he condemned it.

    All since has been PR, including uberliberal gamesters (like Schoenborn) in the Vatican, to protect the liberal, ecumaniacal, anti-traditional and downright idiotic claims that keep ’em rollin’ in the aisles and all that dough a-rollin’ in like clockwork.

    This is a billion dollar scam.

    Always follow the $$$ trail.

  4. 20 years ahead of the gimmick – but they sure HAD the perfect song, didn’t they?

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