Please excuse my paraphrasing the gospel to make the point that the US Senate has, by its recent action, rendered more to Caesar (Obama) than is his due and the so-called Catholics who voted for the “nuclear option” have failed ultimately to render to God that which is God’s. It also brings to mind the question of whether Obama is, in fact, the antichrist foretold in Scripture.

Why? The Senate can now approve Obama’s nominations to implement his programs in support of abortion, homosexuality and widespread promiscuity among our precious young people. Please don’t accuse me of being a racist because I oppose Obama. I admire and respect many members of his race who aspire and promote Christian principles, including but not limited to Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas`Sowell, Ret. LtCol Allen West, and many others. However, I tend to reject the notion that blacks have by their nature a monopoly on Christian virtue. The same would apply to any other race including my own.

So, we shall see in the remaining three years whether the antichrist or his surrogate gets his way and whether the so-called Catholics in the US senate do his bidding. Will they turn away from the secular dispositions so prevalent in the politics of today and back to giving God that which is God’s. Will they kneel to the antichrist or reject his allurements? We shall see, folks, we shall see.

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