Top Thriller Writer Takes on the Fed (Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice!)

I’ve read two of Brad Thor’s thrillers and they are highly imaginative and he is not exaggerating in the video about the pacing. That said, he does his homework and this might be an interesting book for many folks. I’ll be looking into it, myself, soon.

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3 comments on “Top Thriller Writer Takes on the Fed (Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice!)

  1. I just ordered it !!!! Thanks for the post.

  2. Lou Dobbs has a TV job and knows certain subjects are banned or, well, quite fun; and Brad Thor is a happy guy who is not about to suicide, so conspiracy theory is really great fun.

    However, within our Internet Age when we can discover what we want, this mass promotion of this book really should give the Satanists the jitters. I think it is just one more keg of powder in the basement, mainly because, I think, it is specifically those highly motivated, very loose-cannon Jews—furious at having been lied to—who are quite likely to do the unpredictable-cum-heroic thing to, may we say, get those 911/Boston/Fed bastards.

  3. 747 – He’s very talented. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

    McDee – you may have the beginning of a heckuva thriller plot yerself – right there!

    And now, for a note from the Johann Sebastian Bach of spy/military/political thrillers, Frederick Forsyth…

    He simply does NOT trust the internet! He goes all over the globe, notepad and pen in hand, and sits down and directly asks people how things work and what they think. Then he pads off to his little shed and his TYPEWRITER and, with two fingers, pecks out another international bestseller in, oh, two months or less.

    There’s a lesson, there.

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