Martyrology-November 18th
Roman Martyrology-November 18th-on this date in various years-

At Rome, the dedication of the basilica of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. The former, having been enlarged, was on this day solemnly consecrated by Urban VIII; while the latter, more beautifully rebuilt after its total destruction by fire, was solemnly dedicated on the 10th of December by Pius IX, though the feast in commemoration of that event was transferred to this day.

At Antioch, the birthday of St. Romanus, martyr, in the time of Emperor Galerius. When the prefect Asclepiades attacked the Church and attempted to destroy it, Romanus exhorted the Christians to resist him. After being subjected to severe torments and the cutting out of his tongue (without which, however, he spake the praises of God), he was strangled in prison and crowned with glorious martyrdom. Before him suffered a young boy named Barula, who being asked by him whether it was better to worship one God or several gods, and having answered that we must believe in the one God whom the Christians adore, was scourged and beheaded.

Also at Antioch, the holy martyr Hesychius, a soldier. Hearing the order that anyone refusing to sacrifice to idols should lay aside his military belt, he immediately took off his. For this reason he was cast into the river with a large stone tied to his right hand.

On the same day, St. Oriculus and his companions, who suffered for the Catholic faith in the Vandal persecution.

At Mainz, St. Maximus, bishop, who suffered greatly at the hands of the Arians, and died a confessor in the time of Constantius.

At Tours in France, the passing of blessed Odo, abbot of Cluny.

At Antioch, St. Thomas, a monk honoured with an annual solemnity by the people of Antioch, for bringing the end of a plague by his prayers.

At Lucca in Tuscany, the translation of St. Frigidian, bishop and confessor.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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